hampta pass trek


Hey! Are you such a daredevil who always craves something daring? If you are looking to delve deep into this Hampta Pass Trek then, you can refer to this. Hampta Pass Trek, which is located at the Pir Panjal, which is a place situated in Himachal Pradesh. It lies in the valley of Kullu and also Lahoul Chandra. These are the valleys that are present in the lap and heart of Himachal Pradesh. The Hampta village, which is situated nearby, is also yet another place that you can visit here.

 Which is situated nearby

first day

On the first day of your journey, you will be arriving at Manali from your hometown. From Manali, you need to have a drive of around two hours to Jobra Road Head. The trekking to Jobra is also very mesmerizing for all the daredevils. Jobra is the place where the base camp for this Hampta Pass trek is based on. The Kullu valley is very mesmerizing, and it welcomes you with all its beauty. You will be passing through the Rani Nallah as well. You will be so astonished to pass through the midst of the forest which has pine trees and maple trees. The silver birches which appear to be present along with these trees are also adding more and more beauty to the Hampta pass trek.

second day

On the second day, you will be traveling to Jwara from Jobra. The Jobra has a meadow nearby along with the Rani Nallah River. The hills, meadows, and rivers together make this place so astonishing. Chikha is yet another place that you can visit while visiting here. The rhododendrons along with the birch trees present in this mountain make this place a worthy sight for all the daredevils out there. The Dhauladhar ranges, which are also nearby, will be covered with snow during this time. The waterfalls which are present here will be having very icy cold water.

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day three

On day three, you will be going towards the Bhalu Ka Ghera. There are so many varieties of flowers which are present here in different colors like pink, purple, yellow, etc. Chota Bhalu Ka Ghera is a place that gives you some sort of relaxation; you can relax at this place, and also you can have your snacks from here. The Hanuman Tibba peak which is present nearby will be offering a very peculiar sight for you all, that is, you can witness the sunset from here.

On day four, you will be trekking toward the next destination, which is; Shea Goru. From Bhalu Ka Ghera only you can pass through the Hampta pass trek to reach Shea Goru. Many flowers which appear to be in yellow and pink colors are also present on the banks of this river. Various plateaus are also present along with the Deo Tibba peak. During the early summertime, you can see that this particular place will be completely covered in snow.

On day five, you will be going towards Chhatru from Shea Goru. You need to have a drive from Chhatru towards Chandra Tal and then you can return to Shea Goru or Chhatru as well. The roads will sometimes be very bad, and the rivers and glaciers are also present nearby. Slippery soils are present there, so you must take precautions to avoid the chances of sliding. The Chandra River, which is present there, is accessible to all. 


On the final day, that is, on day six, you will be traveling to Manali from ChandraTal or else you can also take a drive from Chhatru to ChandraTal. From ChandraTal again, you can take another drive to Manali as well, which requires approximately 5 hours or 9 to 10 hours duration. Do not forget to give goodbye to Spiti Valley too. You can pass through the Rohtang Pass. If you can, then please try to visit the ChandraTal and then Manali as well to enjoy its scenic beauty. During the summertime as well, the road toward Chhatru will be open and you can go there as well. There will be snowfalls there during this particular period. After reaching Manali, you can return to your hometown with lots of beautiful memories.

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Be sure to take medicines that are required for your health as well with you. Do not forget to take a water bottle with you because you need to be very hydrated every time during your trekking journey. Do take your sunscreen, sunglasses, layers of clothes for making you comfortable with, etc.