If some of the surfaces in your den or outdoors appear worse for wear, or you want to give your space a long-anticipated makeover, you need to consider the radical task of paint stripping. Whereas you’re spoilt for choice when selecting chemical paint strippers, some work better than others. Generally, a good stripper breaks down the coatings on wood, metal, concrete or other surfaces without ‘breaking a sweat’!

First things first: your safety is key. Most strippers are toxic, and safe handling is a pre-requisite for using them- put on appropriate safety gear. Your work area also needs adequate ventilation.

We’ve prepared a roundup of five strippers-and-removers-the-ultimate-homeowners-guide to get your job to a good and safe start. You can learn more about their formulation and uses hereunder:

Our Pick Of The Bunch: Citri-Strip Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel

Citri-Strip removes various types of paint and works well on multiple surfaces- wood, metal, bricks, and concrete. Besides, one application is sufficient to eliminate several layers of paint.

Its ingredients remain active for up to 24 hours, making it a perfect choice for tackling stubborn paint or extracting multiple paint layers. A citrus fragrance is a bonus, not to mention the absence of hazardous chemicals in Citri-Strip. In short, it’s a fuss-free choice for the avid DIYer looking for an effective alternative to harsh paint strippers.

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Citri-Strip is biodegradable, meaning it’s an environmentally-friendly choice that doesn’t ruin your surfaces. Besides, it’s non-corrosive, and its gel form makes application a cinch. The fact that it takes a while to do its thing might be a tad disconcerting for some people, but when all is said and done, it works. It pays to wait, after all.

Ideal For Indoor Use: Dumond Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover

When tackling an indoor paint removal project, ventilating indoor spaces can be a tough ask. Running a fan or keeping windows open can only do so much to promote air circulation, and the resultant fumes or dust may be hazardous.

Dumond Smart Strip comes free of harsh methylene chloride and caustic chemicals, making it a non-toxic and eco-friendly option for indoor application. What’s more, it’s biodegradable and odor-free- no more contending with toxic fumes or strong smells.

It’s available as a thick paste that doesn’t run or drip, simplifying the application. The advanced formulation also works on multiple surfaces, including areas sporting hard-to-reach nooks or crannies.

Best For Wood Surfaces: MAX Strip Paint & Varnish Stripper

When it comes to removing stubborn paint on wood, MAX Strip is a go-to option. Primarily, it’s free of methylene chloride- a toxic chemical known to pose health risks. MAX Strip does a decent job of removing layers of paint or varnish from wood and works on other surfaces, including stone, tile, and metal.

Unlike other removers with a strong and sometimes overwhelming smell, MAX Strip is safe to use indoors. Besides, its non-drip formulation simplifies application and clean-up afterward. But, some reviewers note that it dries up quicker than expected. To avoid this, a plastic wrap comes in handy for covering the stripper (to maintain wetness) as you work.

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Fastest Acting: Sunnyside 2-Minute Advanced Paint Remover

As the name might suggest, Sunnyside’s advanced formulation strips off various finishes in a blazing two minutes. If you need to reduce the waiting time between application and paint scraping, Sunnyside’s stripper is a perfect pick.

This heavy-duty stripper is ideal for removing multiple layers of paint and comes free of caustics and other toxic chemicals. It also works best on metal and wood surfaces and can get rid of paint on textured surfaces and narrow spaces. Unfortunately, its thinner consistency makes it likely to drip, leading to waste or damaging other surfaces. Besides, more complicated jobs might require an extra coat or two, leading to higher costs.

Best Value for Money: Motsenbocker’s Liftoff Latex Paint Remover

Liftoff latex paint stripper is water-based, making light work of post-project cleanup. It’s also biodegradable- an easy pick for the environmentally conscious- and works best to remove latex paint layers on wood, tiles, metal, brick, and concrete.

If you’re prepping for an expansive project, you’re probably looking for a paint stripper offering the most bang for your buck. Liftoff latex fits the bill due to its low cost. It’s available in a spray bottle for effortless application wherever it’s called upon.

But, be sure to wear safety equipment, including a respirator, as you can expect a strong odor while using this stripper. Some customers also complain that the nozzle might start to leak as you work.

Ultimately, the paint stripper you settle for should match your needs and budget. And while you need value from a paint stripper, remember that your health comes first by investing in appropriate safety equipment. We hope this guide points you in the right direction so that your choice of a paint remover is an easy one.

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