Attractive furniture and a well-planned arrangement of things at home are the main aspects of a living room decoration. But do you have any idea what sets up the mood? Of course, the living room lighting. As the white tube lights are out of trend, it’s time to explore some lighting for your living room. Now you might be wondering how to choose the correct lighting for your living room. Let’s find out.

Put Even focus on the Living Room Lighting with Recessed lights

The only purpose of recessed lighting is to brighten your living room space. Do you have an aim to brighten up your living room? If yes, then the best way to light up the living room is to use recessed lights as it provides ambient lights. On the other hand, the recessed lights create a focal point for your preferred artifacts or effects.

Where to use them?

You can use them as general lighting for your living room. They can also be covered with decorative lights to create focus on specific places.

Where not to use them?

It would be best if you did not solely depend on the recessed lights to light up your whole living room, as they can make your living room look dull and even make your interior look gloomy. Never mix them with other light ideas to add character and focus. It only makes things worse.

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Set the mood of the living room lighting by using profile lights

If you need to take care of the general brightening of your living room, you can use the profile lights to lure the attention of anyone to a specific section of it. Profile lights are mostly suggested because it is believed that they can jazz up your interiors. Profile lighting is known for setting the mood of your living room. These are easily available at any lighting store.

Where to use them?

Don’t worry about profile lights; these are versatile and can work magically everywhere, starting from the TV units to dark corners or under-display corners. You can pair it up with a round or angular diffuser to give it a unique effect.

Where not to use them?

There is no such place where these lights won’t fit in. You can use these in your living room without any guides.

Add Track Lights for Contemporary Living Room Lighting

The track lights can perfectly do their job to replace the outdated ceiling lights with the living room lighting idea. You can do it without luring any attention to fixtures. You can track a straight pathway of this light over the hallway, directly focusing on the artwork or other things on the walls.

Where to use it?

If you want to give your room a contemporary look, this idea is best for you. But try considering other lights for the living room if you want traditional looks or vintage vibes.

Where not to use it?

Track lights and low ceilings will never make the best living room idea. Go for recessed lights instead if you want a low ceiling.

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