Pencils are widely used stationery items for multiple purposes. Pencils come in plenty of sizes, colors, and materials. There are various pencils, such as graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, etc. we customize cardboard pencil boxes in exclusive designs and shapes following the requirements of our customers. Cardboard paper is flexible and easily modifiable into any custom form. Our customers are qualified, have years of experience, and know how to produce an error-free box.  You can communicate with our designers regarding the box’s design and see the magic of their hands afterward.

The Stylish and Trendiest Cardboard Pencil Box’s Designs:

You can design a pencil box per your targeted audience.  Pencils are frequent use by kids.  You can allure the kids towards your stationary’s products with boxes of pencils in exclusively designed boxes.  You can visit our website and go through the design library to get an idea about the box’s design. Besides, you can join our customer support team and connect with our experts to get design guidance.  Our designers will bring out the trendiest box styles. However, we manufacture the following types of cardboard pencil boxes:

  1. Two-piece box
  2. Pencil box with die-cuts
  3. Pencil pillow packaging
  4. Pencil box with hang tabs
  5. Tuck front box
  6. Sleeve packaging
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Showcase Your Multi-Color Designed Boxes with Die-Cuts:

You can design pencil pillows, and sleeves, and hang tabs display boxes with die-cuts. The addition of see-through windows makes your pencils notable and evident. In this way, the onlookers and usually kids can see the brightest pencils from outside the box.  They don’t have to unpack the products to take a view.  as a result, the incredible and hassle-free buying experience will help establish the customers’ trust in your stationery brand. It will result in the flow of new clients and sales increment.

100% Recyclable and Sustainable Cardboard Pencil Boxes:

You will be wondering why you have to prefer cardboard boxes over others. What’s special about cardboard material? The cardboard box is sturdy and endurable to scratches, scuffs, and tears. Graphite and carbon-made pencils are delicate and can break while storing, shipping, etc.  So durable cardboard pencil boxes keep your breakable pencils intact and unbroken.  Besides durability, cardboard is 100% biodegradable and does not adversely affect the environment’s health.  You can recycle and reuse your pencil packaging. Moreover, you can coat your cardboard boxes with laminations, add-ons, and finishings for an extra touch custom printed paper beard oil boxes.

Embellish Cardboard Pencil Box Packaging with Add-Ons:

Unlike other papers, cardboard paper is customizable to endless options. You can print the paper with offset and digital methods and use eco-friendly inks to produce high-end, climate-friendly results. You can make your box packaging flexible and trendy with the following add-ons.

1. Pencil boxes with inserts:

Pencils are sensitive and can break easily due to traveling bumps while colliding with each other. The dividers or partitions in the box will keep pencils compacted and prevent them from striking.  You can choose kraft and cardboard inserts. They are sturdy and tear-resistant.

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2. Pencil box with die-cuts:

Die-cuts in the box enhance the visual appeal of the inside items and provide a wonderful preview of the packed objects.

3. Pencil box with hang tabs:

The box with hang tabs proves very helpful for handling and display purposes. The customers can move the box from one place to another without inconvenience. Besides, you can swing the box on the shelves of the counter for display purposes.

Luxurious Cardboard Gift Pencil Boxes with Appealing Designs:

Pencils can be a fantastic gift to congratulate your loved ones on their success in exams. You can design your cardboard pencil boxes with catchy artwork and graphics of children’s favorite cartoons. Furthermore, you can adorn the box with colorful ribbons and bows to make the packaging more alluring and eye-catchy.

Save Your Budget with Cardboard Pencil Boxes Wholesale:

Do you worry about the product’s sales and do not have enough budget to start your business? Then you must grab our golden opportunity for budget saving.  You can order bulk and avail yourself of discount offers. Besides discounts, you can also get the advantage of our free shipping.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes for Cardboard Pencil Boxes?

Do you have many options but are anxious to make a rational choice regarding the packaging supplier? Eliminate all your worries and lay your trust in us. The motto of our company is to offer customers 100% satisfactory services. Besides this, we also offer numerous services for the satisfaction of customers. These are as follows:

  • Free shipping facility to your doorsteps
  • No plates and die-cut charges
  • Free design assistance
  • Free digital mock-ups
  • Market competitive prices
  • Technical support
  • Live chat facility
  • Top-Notch printing
  • Shortest turnaround
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