Website is a must for any business and in this e-commerce era it plays a major role in attracting the potential customers. Website designing is a time-consuming process and it is required to compare the options like free medium and paid medium. While comparing the options along with the cost it is necessary to look into the features which comes along with it. 

If the business is new and as an owner you do not want to invest money initially in website designing you can opt for free website. There are many service providers who offer website for free like,, etc. This is also good for people who do not have technical knowledge and are starting from scratch. It helps to get connected to a platform and can easily make a place in the market. The ready to use templates comes handy and it becomes easy to choose the contemporary themes which suits the business interest. Moreover, the free websites are a good option to ensure online presence rather no presence. 

These advantages come with a major con that free website is more vulnerable to virus attacks and malware. This makes them a compromised place for user’s security and it might hurt the business and the people associated with it. In this digital world it is of foremost importance to ensure the safety and security of customer’s data and maintain the integrity.

As compared to free websites, paid websites can be a solution to the problem. After gaining confidence with domain it is advisable to shift to paid website development. It is easy to do as the service provider will easily shift the website to the desired platform and also guide with the additional pages. Paid website comes with lot of options to choose from and they are available in the form of packages. These packages can be modified according to use with additional cost to them. For instance, the owner will get protection from malware and viruses. 

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Website will get continuous services like improved ranking on search engines, SEO promotions, dedicated email address for business use and remote access to edit and modify the pages. The latest themes can be used or customized theme can also be uploaded to be used in the website. The other major advantage of paid website is the owner can get the dedicated business name with dedicated server. The customer data and other important files can be stored safely and can be used for further processing useful for predicting market trends. 

It will give more structured approach to website designing and make the hosting reach to wider audience. Website like boost360 is ideal place for starting with paid websites at pocket friendly prices. They have expertise which can be used in variety of business domains to give website a not to miss look. They have varied categories to choose from so that you really not to worry about your business. The pricing gives three options like basic, classic and advanced which have varied options to select.

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