We keep doing some searches on Google daily, but Don’t search these 4 things on Google, if you do this then you may have to bear a huge loss.

Google has become an important part of our life, if we need any information, then search it directly in Google. But many times we do search on Google, due to which we may have to face heavy losses. So let’s know what we should not search on Google.

4 things you should never google

I told you some things below, do not ever search these 4 things on Google, if done, you can be a huge loss: –
Bomb making process
You should never search on Google about the process of making bombs or anything related to it, if you do this then you may have to go to jail.

As soon as you search the process of making bombs on Google, the IP address of your computer, laptop or your mobile phone will immediately reach the security agencies directly. After that, they can take the harshest action against you.

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Customer Care Number

Whether you are using the same company from any company, if your goods go bad, then you think to call Customer Care. And at that time most people do not know Customer Care Number and they search it in Google, which may be their biggest mistake.

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Searching any customer care number in Google can prove to be harmful for you, I am saying this because sometimes hackers throw fake or fake Helpline Number on Google to promote Cyber ​​Crime.

In such a situation, when you call that helpline number, it goes directly to the hackers, after which the hacker can call you and execute cybercrime, in that case, he can clear your account by doing things like Sim Swap with you. is.

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Don’t search your Email ID on Google

You should never make your Email Id on Google true even if it is your low or private email ID. By doing this, hackers can hack your ID and remove your personal information. So to avoid hackers, keep your e-mail ID password strong and change it from time to time.

Don’t search on Google about medicines

Whenever your health is bad, many of you search on Google about your symptoms, which disease they have and they also search about their treatment. But they should not do this because many websites would be such that they would give half-incomplete information on Google.

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So you should be careful and do not search about medicines on Google, but if you really want to know about any symptoms, diseases, or medicines, then visit the doctor directly so that you can get the right and accurate information.
I hope you now understand what are the 4 things that you should never search on Google. So if you like this post, then share it as much as possible so that this information can reach the rest of the people.

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