SBI credit card reward points

State Bank of India credit cards are crafted thoughtfully to manage all your financial requirements. The credit card offers loads of features such as beneficial rewards, cashback offers, offers on travel, shopping, fuel, security measures, etc. So, if you are looking for a credit card that offers a wide range of lucrative benefits, then you must apply for an SBI credit card.

SBI Credit Card Reward Program

SBI credit card reward points are one of the most dominant reasons why people apply for  SBI credit cards. As per the credit card you choose, you can keep increasing the purchase count and garner various reward points. To make the most of the SBI credit card and its reward points, applying for a card that matches your shopping preferences is essential. If you are a person who dines out frequently, then apply for the credit card that rewards points on dining. Otherwise, you can always apply for the shopping card that offers reward points when you spend.

You can choose the products based on your accumulated reward points.

Earning SBI Credit Card Reward Points

SBI credit cards can be of different types. The reward points you earn are based on the kind of SBI card you have. These are the steps to follow to know how to earn SBI card rewards.

  • Visit the SBI website at
  • Now, select the credit card you already have.
  • Go to ‘Terms and Conditions
  • Now choose the option ‘Shop-and-Smile’.
  • Click on ‘Points Earned or Redeemed or Accumulated by the Program.
  • Now, you will be able to view your reward points.
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Now that you know how to earn SBI credit card reward points, you can redeem your SBI credit card points easily.

What are the different SBI Credit Cards and their Rewards

Here are the different SBI Credit Cards and their reward points.


With this card, you can earn 20 reward points in every transaction of ₹100 when you shop for utilities. You earn 10 points for every ₹100 transactions done on dining, department stores, groceries, and films. You can also earn 2 reward points for every ₹100 transaction on the retail.

OLA Money SBI Credit Card

As per this card rule, you get 7% reward points for your OLA ride. You can also earn 1% points for other shopping.

Apollo SBI Credit Card

With this card, you can avail 500 points or ₹500 as joining fees, 3X reward points on every Rs. 100 transactions on Apollo services, 1 point on wellness and beauty centre shopping, 2X reward points on every ₹100 transactions on dining, entertainment, and movies.

SBI PRIME Advantage Credit Card

For every ₹100 spent on utilities, you get 20 points, every ₹100 spent on grocery stores, movies, restaurants, etc., you get 10 points.

TATA STAR Platinum Credit Card

For every ₹100 spent at department stores, restaurants, international transactions, grocery stores, etc., you get 3 reward points.

Tata Platinum Credit Card

You can get 3X reward points for the purchase of groceries, restaurants, department stores, and international spending.

TATA STAR Titanium Credit Card

You can get to earn 3 points for every ₹100 transactions at restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, and international spending.

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TATA Titanium Credit Card

On every grocery, department store, dining out, and international spending, you get 3X reward points.

Way to Redeem SBI Rewards

It is easy to redeem reward points that you have collected through your SBI credit card. To redeem SBI card points, this is what you need to do:

  • Open the website
  • And redeem your points online.

To redeem your reward points using other ways:

  • Use the App on your phone
  • Call the SBI Credit Card customer care at 18001801290 or 18601801290

List of SBI Card Transactions not eligible for Reward Points?

Not all cards offer transactions that can earn you SBI credit card reward points. Here is the list of what is not eligible for earning points:

  • Disputed Transactions
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Loading E-wallet
  • Balance transfer
  • Dial-a-Draft or Encash activities
  • Petrol price discount


  1. How do I know the rupee value of my SBI credit card reward points?

You can know the rupee value of your credit card reward points by calling the SBI helpline at 18601801290

  1. How can I redeem my reward points?

To redeem your reward points, you need to visit the website or use the app on your smartphone. You can also dial customer service.

  1. Can I use my reward points and get cash?

You can use your reward points and avail of a cash redemption. Contact the SBI helpline and ask for the same.

  1. What are the products I can buy using the reward points?

The products include electronics, home décor, lifestyle, vouchers, etc.