The world is divided by borders and boundaries. But it is bound by the world wide web. Internet, Google, Wikipedia are such connections that bind the world together. It is all about links and connections between different platforms. 


The quality of these platforms is kept in check from time to time. SEO is one such ranking. These ratings are also an essential part of a business’s growth. With the rising digital marketing, SEO ratings work like a filter. So let’s see how Wikipedia is related to SEO and how they influence each other in the online world for the business’s profit. 


What Does SEO Mean? 

You might be aware of Wikipedia, but SEO is not so popular with the general public. SEO stands for search engine optimization. What it basically does is that it runs an analysis and reviews websites and optimizes it in such a way that it is picked up by the search engines online. Another job of SEO is ranking. There are different criteria for a website to get a good rating. 

The websites are tested on the basis of content that is findable, relevant and popular. The more views a website gets, the higher the SEO rating goes. 


SEO also filters out the organic search traffic and paid searches. Paid searches are another trick to getting higher SEO ratings. 

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Why Wikipedia? 

You must be thinking there are tons of online websites to grab information from, so why is Wikipedia the one? Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is run and edited by humans. Wikipedia is one of the widely used fact collector and informative websites. You can find relevant sources and information on any topic you like. Wikipedia links get you higher SEO ratings without any effort. Because Wikipedia has been a widely established website till now. If you insert links from Wikipedia, the user doesn’t need to go all the away and verify the sources and information. Plus, you get to share a part of Wikipedia’s prestige. 


Wikipedia Vs SEO 

The article necessary isn’t about putting Wikipedia and SEO on opposite platforms of a weighing scale. Wikipedia and SEO are two coexisting firms. None of them is essential for each other, but they can’t function properly without each other also. 


At the end of the day, Wikipedia needs a higher search engine optimization rating in order to be called a successful website. 


SEO ranks for a website improve when they incorporate links from Wikipedia as we learnt that Wikipedia and SEO are not necessarily tools of success for each other. But both of them are incorporated with each other. Both of them have interdependent functionalities to reach an outcome. 


How To Use Wikipedia For Better SEO? 

To get a better search engine ranking, one opts for Wikipedia links. SEO can be used as a digital marketing tool for your business. Also, you can have a Wikipedia page creation service for better SEO. Suppose you have an article written about your business that includes links from Wikipedia. In that case, 



  1.  Your article and business will be popping up when someone searches for similar words. 
  2. Your business gets to share the established screen with Wikipedia. 


You can also connect your article with Wikipedia through links. So that your business features in Wikipedia’s article. Appearing in Wikipedia’s article makes your business verified that eventually results in better SEO ratings. 


Your article linked with Wikipedia or featured on Wikipedia also acts as a review. You get to put on a spectacle in front of a wide audience that reviews your business. 


Wikipedia is the 6th most browsed website in the world. If you own a Wikipedia page of your business, you get a lot of views on your page that will eventually translate into worldwide marketing. 


How SEO Works In Your Favour?

After all the brainstorming, you must be confused what’s the outcome. So here are the benefits you get from using Wikipedia for SEO. You can also hire a  SEO Compnay in Bangalore for the same to make things easier.

  1. Higher SEO 

Through the use of Wikipedia, you get better search engine optimization. The article of your business gets picked up more. Your article gets recommended more on online search platforms. You get increased views on online platforms. 

  1. Increased SEO Ratings 

Once you get better search engine optimization, the next step will be to increase SEO ranking. The SEO ratings work like a certificate of your rising success. Your business gets to share the screen among the top businesses. And all the credits go to better search engine ratings. 

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  1. Verified Status 

Once you get a better search engine ranking, it means the content that you put out is not the paid searches. It is verified that your article is growing from organic search traffic. SEO keeps an eye out for such fraudulent cases. If you have a Wikipedia page, it is additional verification from an online encyclopedia. 

  1. Reachable 

The perk of higher SEO ratings is that your article gets reachable. The next favour SEO bestows upon your business is that your article or website gets to reach more. Again it will work like a circle. The more views your article gets, the higher the SEO rating will go. 


  1. Popularity and Marketing 

This point is also an extension to previous ones. If you get to feature more, it is guaranteed your business will get better popularity. It seems like additional marketing. 

Concluding Remarks 

We traced down the importance of SEO and the benefits it has on businesses. SEO is like an outcome to your digital marketing. You get to monitor how well your digital marketing strategies are performing. Or is there a space to alter them or change them completely by 360′. 


You get to share bigger screens and online platforms as the whole world is about links and connections. Your success also gets defined in digital terms. The digital marketing company has digital outcomes too. And these SEO ratings and Wikipedia are the tools for you to achieve success. 


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