Dainty engagement rings

Whether you want a princess cut, a Heart cut or an emerald cut diamond ring, that needs a little expertise to decide. Some people prefer rectangular diamonds, while others may pick the Heart –cut ones. So here comes a comparative study between Emerald cut and heart-cut diamond rings to eliminate confusion.


How to distinguish an Emerald and a Heart cut?

The name itself refers to the cutting technique of emeralds used for diamonds. This is the reason why they are called Emerald cut diamonds. Emerald cut diamonds are large with a rectangular table surface. Due to the cutting technique, Emerald Cut Diamonds have the reflection of steps and long lines. You can also customise an emerald-cut diamond in a square shape.


Now, the Heart cut diamonds. They signify love, and the Heart shaped diamond can be exquisitely added to an engagement ring, pendant or other jewellery pieces. With its width, beauty and slenderness, a heart-shaped diamond is preferred to be balanced with a distinct cleft.


The difference in Length to Width Ratio between an Emerald and a Heart cut


For emerald cut diamonds, the length-to-width ratio must be from 1.30 to 1.60, while 1.50 is the ideal and preferred one. Also, the large table size of the emerald cut makes the inclusions look noticeable.


The perfect length-to-width ratio of a heart-cut diamond is 1.00. If the ratio is lower than that, the heart shape will look chubby, and a ratio above 1.10 will make the Heart look elongated. So, when getting a Heart Cut diamond, it is better to go for higher carats like 1 or 2. If using a smaller carat weight, a three-prong setting will aid in highlighting the outline of the Heart.

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How well do these two serve the purpose?


Emerald-cut diamond rings are equally beautiful as traditional cuts. Whatever design you choose for your wedding attire, an emerald cut suits any aesthetic the best. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are famous for their unique shapes and appearance. Proposing with an emerald-shaped ring is not so common yet classy.


On the other hand, a heart-cut diamond ring symbolises love and makes a common choice for proposing to your partner. If you want to stick to the traditional way to express your feelings, go for heart-cut ones.


Standpoints for the Emerald cut and Heart Cut Diamonds


Emerald cut diamonds are a premium selection if you want to have a large piece of diamond without paying a considerable amount. The most crucial factor about the Emerald Cut diamonds is that they can showcase their size way better than any other diamond having the same carat.


On the other hand, known as a symbol of love and togetherness, these Dainty engagement rings are considered classic ones. Also, the Heart cut Diamond has a premium touch, which is why you can expect its value to increase over time.


Every diamond is unique due to its cut, whether an emerald cut or a heart cut. Therefore, you need to have an eye before setting your Heart on a specific kind.