Erotic massage is an adult service that has been around forever in but our new agency called Secret Tantric is taking erotic massage to mainstream London. Slowly but surely people are coming around to the fact that erotic massage is not what they have been led to believe it is. Films, the media, popular culture in general, has led us to believe that erotic massage is something incredibly taboo and forbidden. Simply put erotic massage is just another form of adult entertainment. Some people find the idea of paying a professional to touch them unsavory. To that we counter with physiotherapists, dentists, chiropractors, Etc. These are all roles in which a well-trained professional will handle your body in a certain way for specific results. The very same process goes for erotic massage. The only difference is that there is a sensual and sexual element. But even that is not exactly what you think it is.

Common forms of erotic massage in London

Erotic massage takes many forms and is related to many disciplines under the general umbrella of massage. The most popular forms of erotic massage are as follows:

Tantric Massage

This is a form of massage from ancient India that has been practiced for centuries all over the world. Tantric massage engages the entire body with a focus on mindfulness and breathwork throughout the massage. Sexual touch is almost secondary in a tantric massage although the sensuality creates a very fulfilling experience.

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Nuru Massage

Another kind of erotic massage in London that’s very popular is Nuru Massage. Nuru Massage is perfect for people who enjoy a tactile experience alongside a visual experience. Nuru requires the masseuse to lubricate both of your bodies with a renewing and nourishing seaweed extract from Japan. She then proceeds to massage your entire body with her naked body. Nuru is definitely an indulgent and exciting form of massage and for obvious reasons it is very popular.

Erotic Deep Tissue Massage

If you’re looking for an erotic Twist on a more classic massage, you may be interested in a deep tissue shiatsu or Swedish massage. Adding erotic elements to shiatsu and Swedish massage is the best of both worlds because your body gets physical help and healing from the intense muscular manipulation and your erotic sensibilities arefed through the intimate touch of a beautiful masseuse.

More About Erotic Massage

Not all erotic massage is created equal. Erotic massage comes in many forms, from the cheap and impersonal, to skilled erotic technicians who spends hours rending every bit of fatigue and tension in your body.

  • Erotic massage is a massage that has an erotic element. That could mean that the masseuse, the client, or both are nude during the massage.
  • It may or may not involve direct stimulation of the genitals and other erogenous zones.
  • Erotic massage may or may not involve a ‘happy ending’/climax to finish.

As London’s most premium VIP erotic massage agency, we’ve built a strong reputation by using the following qualities:

  • masseuses are highly skilled and fully trained
  • masseuses are truly beautiful women with personalities to match
  • we treat our girls very well and it shows
  • you can often make an appointment for within a few hours
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Erotic massage feels good

Getting an erotic massage feels really good. That good feeling is only amplified when it’s given to you by a beautiful masseuse. And don’t forget warm, sensual oils and a calm and soothing atmosphere. Your masseuse will provide a wonderfully sensuous experience for you, based on what you want and need. We make no apologies for being the best in the London erotic massage scene. We have a glowing reputation and a list of client’s miles long, who are clamouring for their next erotic massage. Since we only hire the most beautiful girls in all of London you will always be pleased with who you see.

Let us relieve your stress with erotic massage

Whatever your desires are, an erotic massage can be good for you. Stress is a dangerous affliction that we all face. No matter who you are there is a massage, and a masseuse on our roster who is perfect for you! Our masseuses can adapt to the needs of our clients. This is proven time and again by how many of our clients become repeat clients. Many of our clients have ongoing professional relationships with our masseuses that last the tests of time. Seeing a masseuse for an erotic massage is an important part of many clients’ self-care regime to battle fatigue and stress.

Erotic massage is easy to arrange

We make the process of booking and attending your massage appointment as simple as possible. When you call in to book, we will be able to answer all of your questions, ask you a few of our own as well, and guide you through the decision of choosing the best masseuse for you. Because not all of our masseuses provide the same services it can be important to be flexible in terms of who you see. If you desperately want a Nuru Massage but your favourite girl doesn’t offer it, you may need to consider seeing one of her colleagues. No matter who you booked with, we know that you’ll have a great time.

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How to book your erotic massage in London

What are you waiting for?

We are extremely confident that whomever you book with, whatever massage you choose, you will be pleased with your choices. There’s no reason to hesitate, simply pick up the phone and give us a ring and we will have you set up for the time of your life within minutes. Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery sexy erotic massage, Secret Tantric has what you need, and we know how to give it to you.  Click on the following link to book your erotic massage in London. You will not regret it!

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