Indoor Hutch

Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the needs of your rabbit, especially if it’s a rabbit. You might have an indoor hutch, but you might don’t know that what the rabbit needs inside the indoor hutch. It’s intricate to provide all the essential things inside the indoor bunny hutch because it’s a permanent living space for your rabbit.

So, just like humans require all the essential things in their home, rabbits also require everything of personal need in their hutch. Stick with us till the end of this article.

The Flooring of Hutch

The most essential thing that you should take care of is the flooring of the hutch. The flooring must not be too hard for the rabbit. Many people have the wrong perception that the flooring of the hutch should be hard for a rabbit but in reality, it can be hurtful for the rabbit. So, you have to make sure that the indoor hutch that you got has soft flooring. In case its flooring is not soft. There’s nothing to worry about because you can place soft insulation inside the hutch to make it comfortable for your bunny.

Food Stock

The next essential thing on the list is food and water stock. You should place containers for food and water. Make sure to secure those containers in a safe place where a rabbit can have easy access. Also, if you don’t have much information about rabbit food, then you must know that there are three types of rabbit food. The first one is hay which will provide fibers to the rabbit. Keep in mind that fiber is essential to maintain the health of the rabbits.

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The next type is pellets. It is recommended that this type should be provided after six months of age. Pellets will fulfill the nutritional requirements of your rabbit. Last but not the least, fresh fruits and vegetables are incredible for the health of rabbits. Through fruits and vegetables, your rabbit will not only get nutrition but vitamins as well. But make sure that you don’t overdose the rabbit with any of the food types. An adequate portion of food must be provided. So, you can place three containers in the indoor hutch. Each for every type of rabbit food. So, in order to unleash the basic requirements of your rabbit inside the indoor hutch you need to read more

The Litter Box

Make sure that your indoor hutch has enough space to accommodate a litter box. If you haven’t trained your rabbit for the litter box, then you should because it will make your life a lot more easier. Also, it’s good for your rabbit while preventing you from all the hustle. You might be wondering that what should be the size of the litter box? It should be large enough for the rabbit to stretch out easily in it because it’s their habit. You should avoid using a clay litter because rabbits can develop respiratory problems due to clay litters. You can also add hay or soil to the litter box because the smell will give them a hint that they have to eliminate in the litter box. These tricks and tips will assist you a lot in training your rabbit.

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A Bedroom

You might be surprised, but yes, your rabbit needs a bedroom in the indoor hutch. Make sure to provide a comfortable and quiet zone to the rabbit inside the hutch so that it won’t feel any trouble during sleep. As much as an adequate amount of sleep is crucial for humans, it is crucial for rabbits.

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