In the present scenario, ETH leverage trading is regarded as an astonishing way of trading since it avails the necessary information and support to its elite user.  Whether it is leverage trading of Ethereum or bitcoin, BTCC never fails to impress the users from any part of the world.

Vital steps of ETH leverage trading

Basically, for safe ETH leverage trading, a user has to access the website of BTCC, register a free account by the provision of a few essential details, and effectively make his or her first deposit. Herein the deposit value could be as low as two USDT or as high as more than five hundred USDT. However, the higher the deposit amount, the more will be the bonus. With over 500 USDT deposit, a user gains a high bonus of two thousand USDT.


Next, in ETH leverage trading, a user has to select the type of ETH futures contract that he or she wishes to purchase. The wide choices are daily, weekly and perpetual contracts. Daily is valid for a day, weekly for seven days and the perpetual Ethereum contract does not have an expiry limit. Nevertheless, a user can keep it until it meets the trading requirements.


Later, in ETH leverage trading, the order type of Ethereum is of high significance. The order types are divided into market orders, limit orders and last but not least the stop-loss orders. Market orders are executed by the holder at the best possible current prices. Whereas limit orders are confined to the orders set by a trader to either buy or sell it at a specified or a better price level. Limit orders have given an opportunity to the market participants to fill the purchase or sale order.

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In ETH leverage trading, the stop-loss orders are also set by the trader to purchase or sell them at the specified price levels. Nonetheless, the orders are executed automatically when a certain price level has been attained. Next is the selection of suitable leverage levels and lot sizes, which are totally dependent on the requirements of the users.

Setting stop-profit, stop-loss targets, and price direction in ETH leverage trading


In ETH leverage trading of BTCC, a user can set up the stop-profit and stop-loss price targets with the utilization of the kind of order that he or she has selected earlier. The main difference in these orders is that the market ones can be executed immediately when the price is the best, whereas limit and stop-loss orders can only be executed at the price within 24 hours or for seven days.

Price directions play an important role in ETH leverage trading. It is the choice of buying open long or selling short that is selling after gaining the desired price. Nonetheless, the price cannot be lower or higher than the lowest and the highest selling price of the BTCC platform, respectively. With a single click on the buy or sell button, the ETH order is successfully completed.

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