Virtual Phone Numbers

As regards a virtual phone numbers, it is a phone number that isn’t attached to a single fixed phone line directly. All incoming calls are diverted to one of a pre-set number of phone lines of choice i.e either to landline, mobile, or Voice over Internet protocol. The specific device to which each call can be diverted is determined on the spot.

With help of using this method of call routing, this service offers both increased improved confidentially and flexibility. These numbers are more difficult to trace than regular phone numbers. Because they are not tied to a prescribed area, businesses can use them to route calls to mobile phones, Fixed Line, Softphones, or VoIP desk phones as per convenience and choose any area codes.

A virtual business phone system is most convenient because it allows using the same number on mobile phones, desktop laptops, handsets, and more. It is possible to forward the call easily, voice messages can be recorded, and the same number can be shared with the employees.

Features of this System

The service provider offers the service with the advanced features which are most essential hence it is necessary to make sure that the service provider gives access to them. Some of the top features are


The Interactive Voice Response service helps callers with an automated pre-recorded message and presents a navigable menu with keypad inputs to modernize client concerns. At present time this is an important and common tool for organizations as it guides the customers across their journey with limited human intervention.

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As the name suggests, this provides the service of a virtual receptionist relieving a person without worry about after-market hours or holidays. The personalized recording on the IVR system like, “Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you shortly. Our working hours are so and so.” can help a business entity to pass on the right information to customers. This looks simply but it makes a long-lasting impression on customers contacting a business entity for the very first time during post-work hours.


This service provides a second option for callers to voice their concerns urgently as subscribers get directly these voicemail messages on their registered emails to always stay notified. This is also a good service because it gives the callers multiple alternatives to contact which in turn improves customer relationships.


These services come with a powerful online dashboard that can be accessed through a smartphone app. This dashboard automatically updates the activities with progress and creates insightful reports. 

Call Recordings

In many cases, verbal interaction leads to disputes between customers and agents usually as a result of a misunderstanding. Call recordings act as a source of transparency for both parties and avoid any conflicts. The dashboard provides access to recordings and hence improves the quality of service.

Auto-notification SMSs

This number also helps to remain in touch with customers by sending them auto-replies in the form of text messages which are triggered immediately as the call ends. The customers will remember to shop if an advertisement by a pop-up in their inboxes with an attractive template is shared by website links offering discounts.

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