PIV Card

Personal Identification Verification are credentials used to access the Federally controlled information and facilities system in the different security levels. The PIV credentials act as an assurance that the person you are dealing with is credible and reliable.

The Personal Identification Verification credential is essential because they are resistant to identifying fraud and counterfeiting. Sometimes, it may be difficult for people to understand the purpose of the PIV, and they need to get it to access the different government services.

In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about the PIV and the different reasons you need to have it.

What Personal Details Are Stored in the PIV Card?

To get the Personal Identification Verification card, you must be eligible to apply for the VA PIV card. This means that you must be an employee or contractor who has worked with the VA for six months.

For the PIV card to be effective, different personal details must be included. The actual data stored in the PIV might seem minimal, but it is essential.

The details included are the digital photograph, biometric scans such as the fingerprints, and the cryptographic keys. The biometric capabilities make it easy for the system to recognize you once your details are provided. The benefit of the cryptographic keys is that it helps in security authentication.

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How to View Your PIV Credential Details and Certificates?

After getting your Personal Identification Verification card, you can start using your credentials for applications networks and encryption, which includes the different certificates and the key pairs that have been included in the PIV credential.

It is also easy for you to access the biometrics added to the PIV card. To easily access the PIV certificate information, inset the PIV credential into the card reader, and then select internet explorer, which you can use to open up the certificates and see what they entail.

How to Use Encryption to Protect PIV?

Perhaps you are wondering what is encryption and how it can be used on the personal identification verification card. It is important to understand that encryption plays a crucial role in protecting the sensitive information transmitted through the internet.

Since the personal identification verification card carries very personal information that is crucial to the cardholder, it is important to ensure that the encryption process is used to protect the details on the card.

Encryption offers privacy protection as it helps uphold compliance regulations established n organizations, such as the Federal Information Processing Standards that are responsible for setting the data security standard using personal identification verification.

Ensure to Have Your PIV Card

The PIV credentials make it easy for you to access the federally controlled information. It is, therefore, essential for you to get the PIV card, especially if you are a VA employee because it makes it easy for you to get access to confidential information.

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The PIV credential is always protected from identity theft, and you can be sure that the personal details that you provide will be protected, and nobody else can be able to get access to them. For more information on the above, you can reach out to places like Micro Focus.

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