Are you in need of chiropractic care as an adjunct or alternative to your current treatment? If so, you are probably wondering how much these medical services are likely to set you back. While chiropractors have different rates depending on their location, experience, and expertise. This article will shed some on the average rates from your chiropractor for various services. The total cost patients are likely to incur at Pro Health Center is based on these variables and the type of treatment procedures they require.

Usually, chiropractic care costs a minimum of $30 to &70 to visit a chiropractor. This amount rises to several hundred dollars depending on the services provided. Read on to learn more about the various services offered at the chiropractor’s office and how much they are likely to cost.

MRI Scan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a test ordered to provide in-depth information about your musculoskeletal system and general health. It is a costly diagnostic tool because of its thoroughness which makes it recommended for diagnosing a wide range of conditions. Most chiropractors outsource MRI to testing centers near their clinics. MRIs usually range between $100 and $450.

Electromyography (EMG)

Surface electromyography (also called SMG or EMG) is used to measure the electrical activity in a patient’s muscles. Chiropractors typically order this test when they need more information about spinal problems, muscle atrophy, or how a patient’s muscles are used. This test costs a minimum of $200, depending on the testing facility.

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Thermography involves measuring the heat and energy given off by a patient’s nerves and soft tissues. The results are mapped on the entire body to allow for diagnosis of specific conditions and provide corroboration for pain. Chiropractors typically recommend thermography to patients who should not be exposed to the high radiation levels present in X-rays. You can expect the price tag for a thermograph to range between $200 and $500.


Radiography is a collective term for various types of medical imaging including CT scans (computerized tomography) and X-rays. This diagnostic tool is ideal for obtaining a baseline image of the patient’s musculoskeletal system to enable monitoring as the treatment progresses. X-rays are the cheapest form of radiography ranging between $50 and $200.

Adjustment tables

Adjustment tables are chiropractic tools that look like unique massage tables. Chiropractors use adjustment tables to perform diagnostic procedures and any recommended adjustments. The patient rests on the adjustment table while the chiropractor uses various techniques to massage and manipulate the troublesome part of the body. Chiropractors that use traditional adjustment tables are likely to offer more affordable rates than those that use computerized adjustment tables.


A diathermy is a treatment tool that relies on electromagnetic therapy to heal the patient’s body tissues and help them relax. This technique is often used at the end of the treatment session as a different therapy to enhance recovery. Your chiropractor will place heating pads on your skin to begin the process. Diathermy is on the cheaper side of treatments and will cost you between $10 and $50 per treatment. Diathermy is often included in the total cost presented to the client.

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Computerized adjustment

Your chiropractor may rely on a handheld digital device to provide minute adjustments for the most accurate therapy possible. These tools help chiropractors zoom in on the problem areas and provide the appropriate amount of treatment. Computerized adjustments are usually included in the overall cost paid by the patient.


Chiropractors administer water therapy in pools or special baths. At times hydrotherapy is applied with unique wraps. The treatment may involve the alternation of hot and cold water to offer pain relief and boost circulation. Depending on the type of treatment a patient receives, hydrotherapy ranges between $50 to $500.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy is an affordable technique that offers relief to many patients. It works by passing ultrasonic waves through the body to relieve muscle spasms and boost the functioning of your joints. Patients suffering inflammation, muscle pain, or poor circulation can get instant relief for about $25 per session.

Laser Treatment 

Chiropractors typically use laser treatment when a patient has suffered a sports injury; most chiropractors do not charge extra for laser treatment. However, they are more likely to charge for the roller table equipment that is often used in conjunction with the laser treatment. Laser treatment works by directing light pulses from the laser to provide relief to targeted body regions. Laser treatments typically cost about $200 per treatment session.

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