Sometimes we just fall in love with an era we weren’t born in.


Yes, we understand this is what romanticizing history does to us, but our movie nights can be the times when we cater to these guilty pleasures. Thus, if Victorian is what you want, Victorian is what you get.

The Victorian era was determined by extravagant fashion, aristocracy, and determined by the queen. Because after a long time, a woman was in the seat of the monarchy. So, we always want to indulge in shows and movies which depict the era with perfection.

Plus, if you are somewhat of a history buff like us, you wouldn’t like something which is not historically accurate.

This is why, in this excerpt below, we will be talking about some of the best, historically accurate Victorian movies for your Friday night. Now, all you need to do is cozy up on your sofa, get a comforter, maybe make some Earl Gray, and enjoy these Victorian delights.

Categories For This Movies

Here are some of the categories with which we are choosing these movies.

– The Victorian cinematography.

– The historical accuracy.

– The fashion of the era.

– The plotline.

Now, if you are someone who is tired of looking for movies online on those OT platforms, tired of paying half of your salary for their subscriptions, then here is something which you can do.

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You can get them for free!

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Best Victorian Movies!

Here is a list of the best Victorian movies which you can watch this weekend.

1. Great Expectations (1946)

One of Charles Dickens’s finest works has been adapted on the silver screen. Over here, we are talking about the 1946 adaptation of the novel. By critics’ words, it is known as the best Great Expectation film out there.

Set in the Victorian mid 19th century of Kent London, this shows Pip’s journey with convict Magwitch. However, the reason why this film still stands the test of time is because of the Ghoulish atmosphere that it represents,

It gives you the aesthetic of a more morbid, goth Victorian era and has been a fan favorite for many.

2. Lady Macbeth (2016)

Adapted from the novella of the same name, this movie starring our very own Florence Pugh darkly portrays the mind of a Victorian woman who gets consumed with lust. With the unhappiness in her own marriage to a cruel lord, Lady Macbeth found solace with the worker.

The thrilling drama is all about how she finds solace in her adultery and starts scheming diabolical plans against her husband.

3. The Importance Of Being Earnest (1952)

This is probably one of the best Victorian comic reliefs which you can possibly ask for. Adapted from Oscar Wilde’s novella play at the same time, Importance Of Being Earnest will have you wondering.

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‘Who is actually Earnest?’

‘Is there even an Earnest?’

This one is a guilty relief from the dark soot of the industrial era, and you will be able to enjoy some delights of Victorian etiquette, humorous love, and of course, the Victorian aesthetic. The perfect way to get into a Victorian afternoon, with some scone and tea.

4. Anna Karennina (2012)

There is something beautiful about watching Anna Karenina. Now, it is controversial to call this story beautiful, but it is the sublime tragedy of two obsessive lovers never-ending up together and yet taking full amazement of their scandalous affair.

Adapted from the novel under the same name, this movie stars our queen of period dramas, Kiera Knightly. The fashion pieces of Victorian Russia will keep your eyes hooked on the screen for the entirety of the cinema.

5. Enola Holmes (2020)

Yes, we know there is no list of Victorian movies complete without a good Victorian sleuth drama. However, most of the list will have one Sherlock Holmes movie. Why not get out of that track and enjoy her sister’s unmatchable detective skills for a change.

Plus, it is much more fun to see a woman fight in gowns and corsets than a man in tails.

Get Your Coke & Popcorn!

Now that you have your favorite movie list right in front of you, you should get excited for the weekend.

It is going to be very Victorian!

However, ensure that you download the movies beforehand so that you do not face any internet issues while watching,

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Plus, get the coke and the popcorn ready!

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