A former city of conquest, Hampi is today considered a prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site in India owing its importance to the legacy left behind by the Vijayanagara Empire. It is the famous heritage city of Karnataka which has the world’s largest open-air museum along with magnificent palaces, ancient temples, waterworks, bazaars, hamams and more. Founded by Harihara and Bukka, Hampi was once a royal city and center of trade.


From diamonds to pearls, silk and brocade, this capital of the Vijayanagara Empire was home to merchants who traded in precious goods. Apart from its grandeur, Hampi’s strange rock-strewn landscape is recognized as one of the oldest open surfaces on earth.


History of Hampi:

Folktales of Hakka and Bukka:

Hakka and Bukka were local chiefs who once went on hunting expeditions. They experienced an unusual mystery of being chased by a rabbit while hunting and narrated the incident to Guru Vidyaranya. This impressed the Guru so much that he shifted his capital to Hampi. This was the beginning of this prosperous kingdom and hence it became popular as the City of Victory.


The legend is associated with the Ramayana:

Interestingly, there is a legend associated with Hampi that dates back to the Ramayana. In an episode of the Ramayana, both Lord Rama and Lakshmana traveled to the land of monkeys which was none other than the soil of Hampi. This anecdote is supported by evidence that points to its mythological significance.

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Best time to visit Hampi:

The weather in Hampi is hot and sweltering during summer so the best time to visit this historic city is during the winter season which falls between October to February. During these months the weather is pleasant and travelers feel comfortable for sightseeing and travel.


Places to visit in Hampi:

Virupaksha temple:

Hampi is popular as the traditional temple town of Karnataka as it is home to many beautiful temples. One such temple is Virupaksha Temple which is very famous for its beautiful architecture. This temple is also known as Pampapati temple. It traces its roots to the 7th century and with it comes as one of the oldest functioning temples in India.


Vijaya Vittala Temple:

Vittala Temple in Hampi is known for its fascinating architecture. The main attraction of this breathtaking temple is its beautifully carved stone chariots. This iconic temple also has a musical pillar which is truly impressive. Due to its overall grandeur, this particular temple was considered one of the most famous structures in Hampi. Also, this temple serves as the venue for the famous Purandaradasa festival.

Archaeological Museum:

The Archaeological Museum is one of the best places to visit in Hampi as it takes you back to the time when this place was prosperous and known to be the richest. There are various galleries with beautiful sculptures, gold coins, precious stones and


Ruins of Vijayanagara:

If you visit Hampi, you will get this amazing opportunity to discover the fascinating sights of the ruins of Vijayanagara. Withstanding the testimony of time, these ruins depict the magnificence and finesse of the architecture of the Vijayanagara Empire. These ruins are not only a top attraction for heritage lovers but also a dream for trekkers and hikers as they are spread over a huge area. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes while exploring this scenic spot in Hampi.

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How to reach Hampi:

On the train:

Hampi has no railway station of its own. The nearest railway station is Hospet which is about 13 km from Hampi. Goa has good connectivity with Mumbai, Bangalore and other Indian cities. Some good options to reach here are Hampi Express, Amaravati Express and Haripriya Express.


Distance from Hospet Station. 13 km

After you get down at the railway station, you can easily get a cab or even a bus to reach Hampi.


By road:

Hampi is well connected to other cities by road. You can opt for interstate buses to reach here or you can go to Hampi by your own car or bike depending on your comfort and budget.


Distance from Raichur. 135.8 km

Distance from Hubli. 139.3 km

Distance from Anantapur. 141.3 km

Distance from Bangalore. 342 km

Distance from Mumbai. 685 km

Distance from Kolkata. 1,826 km

Distance from Delhi. 1,860 km

A lovely place to catch a glimpse of the glory of a bygone era, Hampi’s picturesque monuments and their architectural brilliance never cease to fascinate visitors. It is definitely among the best places in India with stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and rich heritage.

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