Unlike high-end credit cards that come with an annual fee, there are many credit cards with beneficial features that come without charging any annual fees. There are many components that come into play when you are looking to get a free credit card and apply online. Furthermore, you also get additional perks, milestone rewards and many other benefits with platinum credit cards. A credit card needs an annual fee to keep your account status active. Whichever bank your credit card is from will automatically deduct the amount when you sign up for the credit card. By getting a free credit card, you get an option to avoid paying an annual maintenance fee. The icing on the cake with a zero annual fee credit card is that you can get a personal loan that will remain interest-free for a span of three months – that is for a period of 90 days. Thus, you can enjoy greater savings by lessening your expenditure on the interests you pay.

How to Choose a Free Credit Card?

You can browse the internet for various options to get a free credit card and apply online. Just like a normal credit card, a credit card without an annual fee also comes with several additional rewards. The ideal credit card for you depends on your expenditure like shopping habits, luxury travels and lifestyle needs.

The first of the three basic steps to choose a free credit card and apply online is to check your eligibility. Are you eligible for a credit card? You need to fill in the basic information with your selected bank. If you meet the eligibility criteria, then you can get a free credit card. You can then choose a credit card that is best suited for your needs and spending behaviour. The last step is the approval process which will be done by the issuer.

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Advantages of Getting a Credit Card with no Annual Fee

Who wouldn’t want to own a credit card just like a regular one which comes with all the perks without paying an annual fee? It’s a win-win for the owner. The rewards may not be as great as the ones you get with a high-end credit card, but there are offers one would love to redeem. Furthermore, you need to be judicious and prudent with your spending in order to enjoy the benefits of owning a credit card with no annual fee. So before you get one, analyse your expenses and if you are sure about spending a higher amount during a given time period, then opt for a free credit card.

Disadvantages of a Credit Card with no Annual Fee

Some of the rewards and benefits come with an asterisk. You need to check them out properly instead of skimming through the perks because they may have detailed and hidden clauses like terms and conditions for claiming those rewards. For example, if a food voucher says Rs. 300 off, then it doesn’t necessarily mean Rs. 300 off on any amount. You will have to buy for at least Rs. 2000 to get that discount. Your total expenditure will have to be of a certain amount in order to enjoy the rewards.

Ideal Selection

If you have made up your mind to get a free credit card, apply online for it. For instance, the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Platinum Choice First-Year-Free Supercard entails zero joining fee and zero annual fee for a year, making it the ideal credit card. You get free airport lounge access and rewards on spending regularly. Along with regular spending rewards, you also get milestone rewards and free movie tickets. Cashless transactions make it hassle-free for the owner. You will not have to pay any interest for the first 50 days of getting this SuperCard when you withdraw cash.

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You can get this Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard by applying for it online. All you have to do is submit your details. A representative will reach out to you regarding the necessary documents. Moreover, this SuperCard allows you to take advantage of numerous benefits and additional rewards. The SuperCard is multifaceted and multifunctional; you can use it as an ATM card, a loan card, an EMI card and a credit card.


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