Playing is the favorite hobby of kids, and you can make your kid’s playtime productive by providing them with appropriate toys according to their age. Toys are an excellent way to encourage children to build and improve their fine and gross motor skills. For example, grasping and pulling objects is essential to toddlers’ development and can help children develop vital skills such as balance, hand-eye coordination, and coordination of body organs.

  • Toys are also a brilliant way to promote physical movement and a healthy lifestyle in kids. Kids pick, throw, bounce, and hold their toys, improving their object-handling ability.
  • Playing is a way for children to learn about the world around them. Toys like building blocks, dolls, puppets, and outdoor toys like drones, aircraft, monster trucks, etc., can encourage valuable life skills and improve their knowledge of science.
  • Playing with toys is also a great way to help children build self-confidence. Sorting out how certain toys work through trial and error is quite satisfying for children of all age groups. 
  • Toddlers might build confidence with stacking toys, while older children might get that satisfaction from learning a new magic trick or completing a jigsaw puzzle which is a helpful activity for kids.
  • playing with toys is an integral part of childhood, but with toys, kids also need a safe environment where children can play comfortably and safely.
  • Playing with toys is very supportive in reducing the screen time of the kids because having unique and fantastic toys make kids forget about everything. 

Productive Items For Kids:

Children spend most of their spare time with toys.  While playing games, they learn to deal with difficulties, have mutual respect, and learn about sharing. So always ensure that the toys with which your child is playing are creative and productive, like toy car, buses, blocks, drones, activity packs etc. The skills learned through playing are long-lasting and stay in kids’ memory for a lifetime. Following are some productive toys that you can give to your kids to make their playtime beneficial.

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Coloring Books And Color Box:

Children are fond of drawing and colouring, and they start showing their talent anywhere in the home. Kids draw objects on walls, furniture, cupboards, etc. It is very unpleasant for parents because it makes the house untidy. So the best way is to provide them with colouring or tracing books. Kids can draw whatever they want to be or can colour the object of their choice.

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Colouring and drawing activities enhance fine motor skills and promote concentration and a sense of creativity. Colouring is a very relaxing and soothing activity that relaxes kids’ brains and boosts brain function. Colouring books come in different cartoon character prints that attract the attention of the cutie pies.


Kids need different toys at different age levels; babies need soft plush, teething toys, and baby rattle. Toddlers and preschoolers need innovative toys like garden toys, construction blocks and puzzles. Puzzles develop memory and the ability to plan, test ideas and solve problems.

While completing a puzzle, kids need to remember shapes, colours, positions, and strategies to complete them. Puzzles help them to enhance their thinking abilities and cognitive skills. They use their mental skills to solve the puzzle. Always choose the puzzles according to the age of your kid because various types of puzzles ranging from simple to complex, are available in the market.