acko two wheeler insurance

Proficient two-wheeler insurance is the need of the hour. Also, according to the Indian government’s Motor Vehicles act having proper third-party bike insurance has become mandatory for Indian two-wheeler owners to legally drive on Indian roads. However, depending on your requirement you can choose the third party or the comprehensive insurance plan. You can opt for the best insurance providers like Acko two-wheeler insurance which is one of the best-sellers in India. 

Here is a complete guide with all the necessary details about comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. Keep reading to know more!

What is comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive insurance offers both personal accident coverage as well as third-party coverage. If you are looking for enhanced protection, choosing comprehensive insurance would be the right choice. Apart from the third-party bike insurance coverage, this policy provider covers natural and man-made damages. Also, with comprehensive bike insurance, you can opt for additional add-ons as per your requirements. Get your comprehensive insurance from acko two wheeler insurance today! 

Feature of Comprehensive insurance plan 

The comprehensive insurance plan comes with a myriad of features which are listed below for your perusal. 

  • Broad Coverage

Your all-inclusive two-wheeler insurance policy is appropriately referred to as comprehensive. A thorough bike insurance policy is helpful for losses other than accidents. The complete Acko two-wheeler insurance policy would cover almost all unintentional damages to your bike, including those caused by collisions, theft, man-made disasters, or natural disasters.

  • Simple to Process

With the online system, every part of insurance is quite simple. You can complete the purchase, renewal, and claim procedures in the comfort of your home at a time that works for you.

  • Repairs cost less

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance offers substantial coverage but is more expensive than third-party bike insurance. When you consider the broader picture, you will find that the premium cost is much lower than what you could have to pay if your bike is destroyed.

  • A premium estimator

A premium calculator can be used online to estimate the cost of an insurance premium and compare the prices of various policies.

  • Simple Policy Renewal

You may quickly renew your out-of-date bike insurance policy online by paying for it.

  • Assistance with Claim Settlement 

When making an online purchase, you have access to support for filing a claim for the settlement of your bike or two-wheeler.

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Exclusions of coverage in Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance?

A thorough Acko two-wheeler insurance plan excludes the following from coverage:

  • Vehicle wear and tear and depreciation.
  • Failure of the insured vehicle’s electrical or mechanical systems.
  • Illegal actions include operating a vehicle without a valid driver’s license.
  • When the motorist was intoxicated or drugged out, the accident happened.
  • Any loss or destruction brought on by rebellion, war, nuclear assaults, or other unrecoverable occurrences.

The variables that affect the cost of comprehensive two-wheeler insurance

Many variables directly or indirectly affect the cost of your two-wheeler insurance. Here are the significant variables.


Your premium will depend on the kind of two-wheeler insurance plan you select. Because a detailed plan provides more coverage than third party bike insurance, it is more expensive. Due to this, your policy premium can vary by price.

Add-Ons You Choose

You need to pay a small additional premium if you purchase an add-on to your primary policy. Some of the popular add-ons are Roadside Assistance, Engine protection, zero depreciation cover, etc. 

Policy Duration

You can be eligible for premium savings if you choose long-term coverage.


A deductible is the sum of money you agree to shell out of your pocket if a claim is required. A bigger deductible would result in a lower premium.