The Great Rehire of 2022 will demand recruitment process outsourcing solutions providers to approach hiring differently than before the pandemic. In July 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 10.9 million job opportunities by the end of 2022. Another study suggests that more than 70% of companies are expected to hire more people in this period.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing service providers are specialists with talent acquisition as their core competency. A good recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions provider delivers the scalability and flexibility needed to lure, source, screen, employ, and onboard the top workforce. Staffing and recruiting services provide a holistic hiring solution by serving as an extension of an enterprise’s human resources (HR) department.

RPO is a methodology when an establishment transfers all or part of its talent acquisition operation to external staffing and recruiting services provider. RPO provides quicker and feasible recruitment solutions to the organization and saves them tremendous money. RPO caters to customers of all sizes and industries with no geographical limitations.

Before we move ahead with the Great Rehire, it is imperative to know what caused the Great Resignation.

The Great Resignation or the Big Quit is described as the mass exodus of employees who chose to resign from their jobs. By mass resignation here, we mean 40% of employees quit their jobs in early 2021. That’s a massive number.

The Great Rehire is expected to witness some significant trends:

Diversity and Inclusion: The hiring process must be relooked at from the angle of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As more employees are expected to look for companies that promote diversity, it will become a vital component of hiring in the future.

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Faster Recruitment Process: It’s tough to find the perfect candidate easily. This is where a good RPO agency comes into the picture. An RPO solutions provider will be proficient at producing a strong brand message on behalf of its client.

Remote Recruitment: Companies have already adopted remote recruiting strategies, and this trend will continue in years to come, with mobile and social recruiting becoming extremely popular.


RPO comes with several benefits. Businesses looking to develop a measurable, effective, and productive recruitment process that allows them to focus on their essential business functions should consider the benefits of RPO:

Flexibility & Scalability: RPO can help corporations transition to evolving priorities, such as variability in demand, geographies, demand, and volume. RPO allows you to predict your costs based on the complexity of your company’s needs.

Candidate Experience: Talent outsourcing can promote your brand and provide candidates with top-notch, coherent experience.

Reduce Costs: An RPO provider aims to reduce costs in a meaningful way for a company it works with by eliminating waste and enhancing efficiency.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing services will play an instrumental role in overcoming the challenges of the Great Rehire by bringing significant changes to the industry. Providers of recruitment process outsourcing solutions guarantee that the organization they work for gets a world-class workforce without any hassle. A good RPO agency permits you to strategize, construct, and run a comprehensively optimized talent acquisition process, which may benefit your organization’s expansion in the longer run.


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