amazon fake reviews

Do you hear about the Amazon Review checker? Amazon Review checker is a usable tool for Amazon sellers and buyers. It helps you to spot fake reviews, or buyers can decide which products they should buy. 

This tool gives a detailed idea of customer experience, including the quality of customer experience, the type of product they buy, and product satisfaction. It also detects suspicious activities that happen with your Amazon account. 

Read the complete article to know about the best Amazon review checker that helps you to identify fake reviews on Amazon. 

How to spot fake reviews 

It is important for both buyers and sellers to identify fake reviews on Amazon. If you identify fake reviews, you can determine which products seem trustworthy or not. Here are the facts that identify fake reviews on Amazon

  1. Big difference in ratings 

Before you read the reviews, you must compare the product rating in which you are interested. If you determined that their ratings are different, then it indicates suspicious activity. 

For this, you have to keep a close look at the percentage of reviews. If 30% of reviews get 1 star and 70% of reviews get 4 to 5 stars, then it is something you keep in your mind as a big difference.

  1. Five-star reviews that leave one-line comments

If there are many of these, then that signals are alarm bell in your head, and hence spots as fake reviews. 

  1. The vague reviews 

The reviews that are not specifying whether they are positive or negative are also referred to as fake. It consists of the language, like horrible or loves it, but no significant details.

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If the customers feel passionate about any product, then they will like to talk about it with more specifics. 

  1. If the reviews are too good 

On Amazon, you get the product for which you pay. The low-price television you buy from Amazon may not be the best TV in the market without any flaws. Ensure that the reviews on Amazon are not exaggerated and realistic. Keep in your mind that no products are 100% perfect on Amazon. 

  1. The review indicates the competing product.

If the user does not suggest you buy one product instead of spending money on another product, then this sign is considered a red flag.

How the fake reviews affect Amazon buyers and sellers 

Amazon fake reviews highly affect Amazon sellers and buyers. It is determined that sellers post fake reviews on their accounts to boost the product rating and increase sales. 

It affects the seller’s reputation when the customers may be suspicious of reviews. Buyers may not trust the sellers when their reviews are not appeared genuine. Moreover, buyers feel frustrated and cheated when they buy products from Amazon sellers on the basis of false details. 


Customers highly depend on Amazon reviews to take their buying decision. If the product gets poor reviews, it will be considered bad. If there are good reviews, it should be great.