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The advancement in science has amazed the world and revolutionised plant growth. With special methods such as hybridization, a new variety can be achieved by intermixing the genes of different flora. If you are looking for a unique hybrid in plant nurseries, kangaroo paw offers multiple options to choose from. These low maintenance plants are easy to care for and develop beautiful foliage to become the centre of attraction anywhere. They can be the highlight of your outdoors and provide an essence of nature indoors. Here are some of the famous variations that are easily available and highly appealing to look at

Types of Kangaroo Paw hybrids

Bush pearl

One of the most sold variants in local plant nurseries, it is a unique and beautiful variety of kangaroo paws that has gained popularity due to its distinctive features. They have distinctive soft green leaves whose fluffy, pearlescent white flowers bloom on tall stems. Bush pearl is also a popular choice for cut flower arrangements, as its long stems and delicate blooms make it a beautiful addition to any bouquet.

Autumn blaze

The significance of the Autumn Blaze lies in its contribution to the flora and fauna of Western Australia. The plant provides habitat and food for many species of birds and insects. These bright and unique flowers add to the diversity of the natural landscape. They usually bloom to beautiful foliage in the autumn season and are relatively low maintenance and require minimal pruning.

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Orange cross

Known for its vibrant orange and green colorations, it is a striking variety of kangaroo paw. The significance of the Orange Cross lies in their ornamental value. Their bright orange and green coloration add a touch of vibrant colour to their outdoor spaces. Because of their great appeal, they are intensively used as an attractive choice in wedding and event decor.

Bush diamond

The bush diamond plant has a cultural and spiritual significance to the Indigenous people of Australia. The plant is associated with a long and glorious history of using the plant for medicinal purposes. This has incorporated them as an inevitable part of their art and cultural practices.

They are also a major source of food for the Western grey kangaroo.

Amber velvet

It has bright golden-yellow, velvety flowers that resemble the paw of a kangaroo. The flowers are compact, cylindrical in shape, and grow on long stems that can reach up to 60 cm tall. You will see the foliage green and shiny with narrow, long leaves in your local plant nurseries. The overall appearance of the amber velvet kangaroo paw is striking and eye-catching, making it a popular ornamental plant in gardens and landscapes.

Gold velvet

They are popular ornamental plants for their distinctive, brightly coloured flowers that bloom in shades of yellow, orange, and red. The plant is frequently incorporated into the artwork, clothing, and cultural ceremonies of the Indigenous people of Western Australia.

The conservation of this species is essential for the preservation of Western Australia’s unique and diverse flora.

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Kings park royale

Kings Park Royale is regarded as a symbol of pride and the state’s unique flora. The Kings Park Royale kangaroo paw is distinguished by its appearance. They produce velvety, vibrant red, yellow, or green flowers which are extremely delightful to look at. The petals are soft and fuzzy to the touch, and they are supported by long, slender stems. Narrow and green leaves emerge from a low-growing rosette.


The multiple varieties of the Kangaroo paw plant can be easily bought from your local plant nurseries. These plants are easy to take care of and offer you beautiful foliage to highlight your garden and indoor spaces.