Leveraging organic Google searches provides your business with an affordable way to rank for specific keywords and appear high when a search is carried out. Although there are many ways that you can leverage the power of organic SEO to achieve a better ranking of your website pages when compared to your competitors, the secret to success lies in getting the help of SEO experts who are the experts in digital marketing and who will look at your business website and figure out what needs to be done. 

You can hire the best SEO consultant, who will help you complete the following tasks as a way of leveraging organic Google search for your business.

1. Provide a memorable page experience

Page site optimization has always been a fairly insignificant ranking element that SEO professionals have never taken seriously. It was important, but not as much as conventional on-site optimization as well as link development. However, things move quickly in the SEO realm. The current SEO trends suggest that Google seeks to humanize its search engine by focusing its ranking algorithm toward indicators like page site optimization. And now that MUM and BERT have been launched, this should be taken seriously. 

2. Increase your visitors dwell time

The impact of user experience on Google’s ranking algorithm has long been a topic of debate in the SEO business. Yes, a clean site design, fast loading time, and a superior mobile experience are crucial. However, these considerations were not serious ranking elements until recently. These are the factors that an SEO expert should consider incorporating into your website pages to improve the dwell time of your visitors.

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3. Do proper keyword research

Keywords still matter the most in SEO and that is why keyword research is still one of the top functions that an SEO agency does on behalf of its customers. Topic clusters should not be the only point of importance because that means nothing if your content doesn’t contain the right keywords to help you with ranking. While it’s important to organize information topically, it’s also a mistake to neglect keywords totally. Keywords serve as markers for Google’s spiders, indicating themes or subject areas and giving suggestions about the nature of the website’s content. 

4. Create content that is voice assistant friendly

There is an important question that you need to ask yourself. Do you write in the same manner as you speak? Well, you might not. You don’t have to worry about that because Google Assistant can do that for you. Because of this, Google searches have gotten more fluent and conversational. In a world where search engines are becoming more conversational, you must optimize your site for voice search. Experienced SEO experts can help you do that.

5. Repurpose your old content

If you are finding it hard to write new content, your SEO firm can help you to add new content to your existing content and make them fresh from your readers. Existing content already has authority and it’s good that you repurpose them.


Leveraging organic Google search for the benefit of your business should never be a hard task. There are many ways that this can be achieved, some of which we have listed above. By working with reputable SEO experts, you can achieve more than achieve your digital marketing goals easily.

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