Car Accidents

Car accidents are the leading cause of injuries worldwide. Let alone in the US, approximately 3 million people are injured every year as a result of car accidents and around 2 million get permanent injuries in it. The aftermath of a car accident does not always lead to physical injuries but also a mental trauma that runs deeper than physical wounds. Where hiring a car accident lawyer can help you compensate for physical damage, you certainly need professional help for mental damage. Here are a few ways you can overcome trauma from a car accident. 

1. Know PTSD is Real

Post-traumatic stress disorder is as real as a broken arm or leg. If you have symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, isolation from the outside world, etc, chances are you are facing PTSD. Once you recognize the symptoms, don’t hide them or feel ashamed to visit a professional therapist who can help you to get over it in a few sessions. 

In addition, your healthcare provider will advise appropriate medical treatment and therapies that suits best your case and help you come back to life. 

2. Meditate

Meditation is known to help with stress and anxiety. It puts your mind at peace and aids you to focus better on life. While hiring a personal injury lawyer will help you with compensation claims and recover physical damage, meditating will help you recover mental damage. Encountering a car accident can result in Post-traumatic stress disorder that can affect your ability to think and focus. You may find yourself replaying the traumatic scene again and again which could only increase your stress levels and anxiety. 

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However, learning the art of meditation can help you relieve panic attacks and anxiety. Gradually, you’ll be able to come back to routine and fight your fears. 

3. Engage Yourself in Productive Activities 

Getting professional help is necessary to recover from the trauma of the accident but if you do not put an effort yourself, nothing will work. After all, it’s your mind and who knows it better than you do. Try to engage yourself in routine activities instead of keeping yourself locked up in a room the entire day. 

Start practicing your hobbies. For instance, if you love to paint, do it. If you love to color, color your heart out, or if you write a diary, pen down your emotions to take it all out instead of piling it up. Similarly, if you love to exercise, join a gym, interact and break a sweat. Doing what you love will help you to be more productive and get you back on routine. 

4. Join PTSD Support Groups

Going through a trauma makes you feel like no one understands your pain. But what if you get to talk to people who are walking in your shoes? Join PTSD groups and listen to other survivors and their healing journey. This will help you to learn from their experience and gradually make progress. 

In addition, you can join an online group too if you do not feel comfortable with physical interaction yet. Either way, you’ll learn to face your fears and get over them.

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