Today in this article we will learn that How to Rank a New Website in Google 2021 so that you can easily rank your website, have you just created your new website and traffic is not coming to your website then do not panic because your Today this article is going to tell that How to Rank a New Website in Google 2021 If you have created a new website or blog and you want to get a lot of traffic by ranking in Google, then read this article completely and carefully.

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It is very easy to create a blog or website but it is very difficult to rank it in Google because in today’s time the competition has increased a lot, since the age of digital media has increased, then the income has increased but along with the competition has also increased. I am going to give you some best SEO tips so that you can get your New Website Ko Google Me Rank by following these things.

Best Tips for New Website Ranking on Google  

  1.  Publish Valuable Content
  2.  Do the right kind of Keyword Research 
  3.  Use Long Tail Keyword 
  4.  Keep the loading speed of the website right
  5.  Make your website mobile friendly 
  6.  Internal Linking करे 
  7.  Use High Quality Backlink 
  8.  Regular fresh and new post uploading 
  9.  Indexing your website in Google 
  10.  Have to enable AMP 

Valuable Content published to 

If you want to bring good traffic to your website or if you want to rank your website or blog on the 1st page of Google, then you should write informative blog post for your visitor and pay attention to your content and always write unique content and always Focus on Unique Content Google always ranks unique content at the top position, whenever Google ranks any content, it pays attention to some things.

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Google always gives more importance to long length content than short length content and ranks it quickly, so always write long content whose length should be at least 1200 to 1300 words, keep one thing in mind that In order to lengthen your content, do not write rubbish things in it, Google pays attention to all these things quickly.

Do the right kind of Keyword Research 

This is your new website and if you want to rank it in Google, then you should come to do keyword research in the right way . Keywords have an important role in ranking your website or blog, on whichever niche you are writing a post. First of all, search it on Google and see whatever keywords you put in Google’s search box like

We have written a Google search box to a word related to the niche, you can rank your post by using any of the keywords below it, you can do keyword research according to your niche, this is the best way.

Use Long Tail Keyword 

First of all, this question must be arising in your mind that what is Long Tail Keyword. Keywords made more than 3 words are called Long Tail Keywords. New bloggers or those who create new websites should use Long Tail keywords if they have long tail keywords. If you use keywords, then your website will rank quickly because there is competition in it, by using people tail keywords as compared to sort tail keywords, your website will rank quickly and so that good traffic will also come to your website, initially you will get long tail keywords. should be used only

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Keep the loading speed of the website right

In order to rank the website, the loading speed of the website should also be good, no matter how good you write the content, use any good keywords if you have everything good in the website but its loading speed is not right or you say that your website will open quickly. Otherwise, your website will not rank because Google does not rank slow-speed websites, the more your website opens before 7 sec, the better it will help your website or blog to rank.

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Make your website mobile friendly 

Since the use of mobile has increased, people do most of the work from mobile, so more than half of the searches come from mobile, so you must keep your website mobile friendly, if your website is not mobile friendly then Google it well. Will not rank and your website or blog will rank in the top of Google, which will not bring much traffic to your website, although nowadays almost all themes support mobile friendly, if your theme is not mobile friendly then use another theme or Then you can make use mobile friendly by installing any plugins.

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New Website Ko Google Me Rank kaise Kare 2021

Internal Linking करे

Internal linking what happens when you put a link to older posts in the new post she Internal Linking say the old post your new posts to internal linking also seem to rank as your new website Google does not quickly Index If there is an internal link in that post, then Google indexes it quickly, so it is very important to put an internal link for a new website, always make a good interlink so that the user crawls your site deeply, to increase the views of old content and increase the page views of your website. This is the best way for

By doing internal linking, the bounce rate of your website also works

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Use High Quality Backlink 

Using backlinking also increases the ranking of your website. A backlink is a very old Google ranking factor that Google ranks any content on its first page. It helps your site in domain authority, website traffic, and website rank. does anytime your waste is likely to fall in the ranking of your site does not use the backlinks that always High-Quality backlink to high try making seems to rank your website to use the quality backlinks that the traffic on your site grows |

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Regular fresh and new post uploading 

Always write quality content on your website or write regular fresh content, keep one thing in mind that do not copy the post of any website or you should copy and paste it from other’s website and post it in your website, if you do this then you will get Google Adsense approval will never be available and your website will not even rank. Google always ranks quality content quickly in Google, which will make it easier to rank your website. Taking ideas from any other website’s post on any topic is not called copy. Because there are thousands of articles on one topic on Google.

If you want, you can go to these websites Wikipedia or wikiHow and take an idea on the topic on which you want to write an article and then write the use in your own words and post it, there will be no problem, one thing is to be noted that you do not have to copy and You keep posting regularly on your website, if you are not able to do it regularly, then you can do it even after a day, so that Google will feel that you are active and it will keep ranking your post. 

New Website Ko Google Me Rank kaise Kare 2021

Indexing your website in Google 

If you have created your new website and you are posting regularly on it, then you have to tell Google that you have created your new website, for which you will have to submit your website to the Google search console so that Google will index your new post in Google. Which will bring traffic to your website.

Have to enable AMP 

If the speed of your website is not very fast, after following all the steps, then install AMP in your website and activate it, so that the speed of your website will open very fast, Google tells everyone to enable AMP in their website from AMP to your website. Will open quickly and Google always keeps the website that opens quickly at the top.

Note: –  After following all the steps, your website will start ranking 100% in Google, which will bring a lot of traffic to your website.

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