Throughout the day, people are engaged on facebook and  instagram or on other social media platforms, if they start earning some money with them, then how good it would be, so in today’s time there are many examples of earning money online so that you can earn money online sitting at home. People search on google that  how to earn money online Well, there are many ways to earn money online, but in today’s article I am going to tell you 6 such best ways by which you can earn money easily sitting at home, in today’s digital world, everyone wants to earn money sitting at home like today. Internet is on the rise

By the way, the ways of earning money online are also increasing, today we will talk about such a way that how to earn money online With which you can earn a lot of money by doing a little hard work sitting at home. Today in this article you are going to know.

6 ways to earn money online 

  • 1. Through Blogging 
  • 2. Via YouTube 
  • 3. Affiliate Marketing
  • 4. Online Teaching 
  • 5. Via Instagram
  • 6. Via Facebook 

1.Blogging Via

Blogging is the best medium to earn money online in today’s digital world, through which you can earn money sitting at home, the best and number 1 medium to earn money online  is if you have any such knowledge by which you can earn money by simply writting. It is very important for you to have two things to do blogging, without which you cannot do blogging, the first thing is that you should know the way of writing and secondly you have to start writing on a topic in which You are an export in writing.

If you have both these things, then you can start blogging business, then let us tell you further how you can earn money from this, if you want to earn money, then you have to invest some money first. You will have to create a blog on the website, then after that you have to write articles on it, then we will have to bring our website to the search engine, so that traffic will come to our website and our site will start ranking. Ho

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1. google adsense :- The best way to earn money from blog is google adsense, in google adsense  you can earn money by getting your website verified by placing ads on your website  whenever someone visits your website then add on your website Will appear on which he will click, which will earn the honor of the website

2. Affiliate marketing: – You can also earn through affiliate marketing in your website or blog, if you have the art of writing so that through blogging you can make a lot of traffic on your website, then you will be connected to many companies. Many companies online come to promote their blog and if you promote their company on your website, then the company pays for it or they give a link to their product, whichever user purchases their product through that link. So that is your income from which you can earn lakhs of rupees. 

How to Create Blog and How to Earn Money from It

2. By you tube

When it comes to earning money online and the name of YouTube does not come, how can it be that You Tude is a cheap and good way to earn money online, if you have a talent and you want to show it to people, then YouTube is the best for that. There may be an option, you can earn money sitting at home by making videos on YouTube, you may not believe it but it is absolutely true. You can easily earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home by creating a channel on YouTube and posting videos on it.

How to earn money online

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To earn money from you tube, only two things are required, one is, you have to make a good and creative video and post a video with confidence on the camera with a good story, with this you should have a good presentation there. But you can earn a lot of money through Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing and also by promoting other’s brand there, just you should have that information. There you Tube has some rules of its own like but you have a thousand subscribers (1000 subsciber) and there should be a watch time of 4000 hours after which you can apply for Google Adsense and earn money.

3. Affiliate Marketing 

Through Affiliate Marketing you can also earn a lot sitting at home Affiliate Marketing is one of the best example of earning money online in today’s time through which people are earning a lot sitting at home.

To do affiliate marketing, you must either have a YouTube channel or a website or blog, in affiliate marketing you will share a link to the company’s product or you will put that link in your website or YouTube channel from that link. Will also buy that product, you will get some commission, it depends on the rate of the product, how much commission you will get, there are many e commerce companies that provide this service like Amazon, Flipkart   , Hotels, etc. 

4. Online Teaching

If you have a good knowledge of any subject or if you are a teacher or you have a good  qualification   , then you can earn a lot of money by teaching online tuition, there are some websites that provide you this facility like:-  


      Ve dantu 


You can also teach online through you Tube, you can apply for teaching by visiting all such websites and you can earn a lot of money sitting at home.

5. Via Instagram 

In this digital world of today, you can earn money sitting at home from your mobile, there are many mobile applications from which you can earn money, we will talk about one of them, whose name is  Instagram, yes you read it right. Nowadays people are earning millions of rupees from Instagram too, first of all, you have to create an account on Instagram, after that whatever you are interested in like photography, dancing, acting,  whatever you are interested in, small reel uploads on that topic. Keep doing this daily so that your followers will increase when you will have more followers in your account.

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So that the growing company will contact you, you will review or promote their product, you will give a link to their product in your story, which will sell their product and you will get money, very big celebrities outside Instagram, lakhs of promoting a product For this you have to keep uploading your photos or videos or reel regularly and your followers should also be more, in this way you can earn money from online Instagram.

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6. Via Facebook 

In today’s time, hardly any other platform is used as much as Facebook. But how to earn money 

You must have a Facebook page to make money from Facebook that should be much more Follower on Daily Active on Facebook or deli post-Erhna should or it you have to make money on Facebook must have a website product or skill Apart from this, you can earn commission by selling other’s product here. To earn a commission, you have to join any affiliate market program like  Flipkart, Amazon, etc. You can also earn money, you can also earn money through the affiliate market on Facebook. In which you can share the affiliate link in your page or any group, whoever buys the product through that link, some money will be given to Facebook Honor from which he will earn. 

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