split test Amazon
Amazon is the biggest marketplace. The only want to survive there is to improve your strategies and stand yourself among the competition. If you want that customers pick your brand and your products most of the time, then the content, descriptions, and A+ images are better on your platform than competitors. For this, you should try different  Amazon listing strategies to know which works best for you. Here is the role of split test Amazon comes. Split testing on Amazon is free of cost tool that helps you to determine the changes to a number of Amazon listings and give you data-driven decisions. How does the split testing Amazon help you?  Split testing Amazon allows you to perform split tests for various Amazon listings. You can test updates to descriptions, listing titles, images, and prices for 1 to 30 days. You are then moved to the highly performed page once the test is done. With the help of the Amazon split testing tool, you can
  • Increase your sales by testing the content.
  • Get the benefits of unlimited A/B testing and simple setup features
  • Save your time on optimization routines
How to use split testing Amazon  If you want to use the split testing tool on Amazon to test the different listings and want to determine which works best for you, then here are the steps you need to follow
  1. Connect the Amazon seller account. 
Before using the split testing tool, you have to connect your Amazon seller account. For this, you should tap on connect central seller button, enter your details, and grant access to the application.
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  1. Choose a listing, make changes, and initiate the split test
After connecting the seller account to the split testing tool for Amazon, you are allowed to see the current product listings on the dashboard. If you want to start the split test on any of them, you have to tap on create split test button in the product listing to access the window of create a split test You can split tests on any parameters of a given listing. Simply choose one element of your listing on Amazon and tweak it right on the tool. When you finish it, tap on the option  Publish on Amazon. Your tests will be launched automatically in this way.
  1. Analyze real-time data and take decisions. 
Throughout the whole experiment, you are able to take a close look at real-time data. You can easily stop the test if you determine the fall in sales. Once it is done, you are able to compare the performance of new pages with the original page during the previous seven day time by a tap on the show winner button. After you see the results, you can select which version you want to use to move forward. Keep in your mind that you are able to only run one test at a time, so when your first experiment is complete, you can make additional tweaks and run another test to optimize the performance. Conclusion If you want to improve your position and potential on the Amazon marketplace, you should try different strategies. To choose the best-worked strategy, you should use the split test on Amazon.
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