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An IGNOU MBA PROJECT REPORT (MS 100) is available by IGNOU and its one of the most popular and famous Master’s degree programs, with the highest demand for pursuing MBA in India as well as in the world. The overall main purpose of this course named MBA (MS 100) is to help and guide the student’s ability to apply multi-disciplinary concepts, and tools and techniques to solve organizational problems. It increases the basic knowledge of students about the topic and makes it easier to learn and achieve an objective or goal. We can find necessary information about the topic from the newspapers, the internet and books. By this course, the students get an overall idea of the course IGNOU MBA PROJECT (MS 100).


Including IGNOU MBA PROJECT Report (MS 100) program to provide you with an opportunity to solve a management problem in a proper and systematic manner. It improves knowledge in a practical way and helps to learn the art and science of conducting a study in a proper and systematic way. For Final Year students, there is task work; and each learner has to make a task work on any topic of his/her choice and interest based on their course specialization. The topic selected by students for the task should be appropriate and justifiable to justify MBA PROJECT (MS 100) REPORT AND SYNOPSIS.


The students can take topics according to their interest and after enrolling on MS-01 and MS-11 tasks can be from any specialization i.e. Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operation or Finance management, Banking and Finance, Financial Market Practice.


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We at Solve Zone help in making qualitative tasks for the students who need guidance and help in their MBA Projects and Synopsis.

Format Of Proposal

Students have to follow the same format in every section of the task as this is the format that is advised by the university.

  • Introduction
  • Need for the study
  • Significance of the study
  • Scope for the study
  • Statement of the problem
  • Objectives of the study
  • Hypotheses
  • Research Methodology


  1. Research Method
  2. Population
  3. Sample
  4. Tools
  • Limitations of the study
  • References

How to Write MBA Project More Efficiently

Begin early

Always begin writing the task at the beginning of the semester as composing a mission is a time-consuming process. According to the guidelines and the standards of a mission, the supervisor can take about only 5 students under his belt at one time so, the first step is to find the supervisor for the project.

Once you have finalized the supervisor for the mission then start building a strategy early, which means you have enough and sufficient time to finish your mission.

Read the guidelines

These university guidelines will help you in understanding what you need to keep in mind while writing the task work. Make a routine and remove all disturbances and

actually, prepare what it is that you must do.

For Example, if you have taken such a topic “marketing strategy of adventure and nature tourism”.

In this topic, you have to emphasize on adventures and nature tourisms of India or you have to concentrate on a single place where you have to conduct all cities to write down the task.

Start breaking down the work topic in the points which will help you in writing problem-free works.

What are the types of IGNOU MBA Project Report?

  1. Circumstance Study (Comprehensive): It covers Organizational problems,, Formulation, Multifunctional Area Problems, Analysis and Recommendations.
  2. Interorganizational Research: It comprises research within the organisation and its different components.
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IGNOU Project Report (Dissertation)

The report needs to be of 70 to 80 pages double space entered between pages and the report must not be exceeding 18000 words.

work reports need to have a synopsis, a certificate signed by both the student and the teacher and the research strategy adopted and its future analysis.

Approval from Supervisor

You cannot send your work to the head office without the approval of your supervisor. So, if your supervisor is asking for changes then you need to do that changes and get them approved by the supervisor.


Follow this framework for work Report Work of MBA PROJECT i.e. (MS 100), the following specific objectives to enable a learner to:

  • Identify, solve and formulate research problems.
  • Write a good research proposal and use appropriate research format and design for MBA PROJECT (MS 100).
  • Conduct scientific investigation in a methodical way
  • Analyze the data after collecting it
  • Use appropriate statistical methods for learning MBA SYNOPSIS (MS100)


Is it true that you are searching for an exceptional MS 100 Project Topics for your MBA HR/Finance/Marketing/Operations/Banking and Finance work Report? Concocting great subjects might have all the earmarks of being more troublesome than directing examination and composing. There are numerous incredible locales to observe motivation and the rundown beneath is only a couple of ideas to kick you off. 

One of the most significant parts of any type of MBA project report work is finding a refreshed rundown of MS 100 work points. When composing an MBA work, this is truly indispensable. Since Master of Business Administration is an enormous subject, you need to browse the IGNOU MS 100 Project Topics List, which will assist you with completely investigating the issue.

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Finding the List of IGNOU MS 100 Project Topics can be tested, yet there are a couple of ways for concluding special thoughts. Survey your own advantages just as past examinations begin. 

Online sources, news pieces, books, diary articles, and surprisingly your own class course reading are largely fantastic spots to start your examination and the executive’s research work review. Before you start, figure out how to look over the  MS 100 Project Topics List. 

Ways to choose IGNOU MS 100 PROJECT TOPICS 

The way to choose a suitable MBA work is research. Give yourself a lot of time to study on the web or in the library to think smart. You can even talk with your seniors to acquire supportive thoughts. During your examination work, you can go over past MBA work Report works. 

Pick a couple of themes from the web or books to talk about. Talk about these issues with experts like your instructors, teachers and administrators. They will give you accommodating ideas and exhort on the subjects you pick. Recollect that your speakers are your coaches, and they will without a doubt help you in choosing and finishing an MBA work. 

Pick a point that is applicable to your field and where you wish to seek after a vocation. Subjects can likewise be attached to recent developments and certifiable conditions. Analysts are attracted to points like these. 

Ensure the theme you’ve picked is one you’re keen on. Indeed, even while you can accept exhortation from your instructors and tutors, you are the best adjudicator of whether or not you will actually want to finish the theme they offer. Accordingly, be sure that the subject interests you.

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