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Studying abroad is a dream of many aspirants. It provides you the opportunity of meeting a diverse range of individuals, exposures, and employment possibilities. Besides, it also pulls you out of your comfort zone, making you self-reliant and aware. So, a study abroad consultant is someone who makes this dream of yours come true effortlessly. Considering your interest, budget, and previous education, he comes up with suitable options and plans for you after thorough research. One of such is a Study Abroad Consultant in Ahmedabad that gets the students in the right place at the right time. But the students are not exactly familiar with the types of questions that they should ask a study abroad consultant. So, this blog is a guide that will help you know what types of questions to ask your study abroad consultant.

What kind of course and country options apply to my profile?

The first step that your consultant will take is to check your profile. Your profile will include all the details about your education qualifications, experiences, career objectives, and skills. This will help your consultant to offer you various career opportunities and country options that you were not able to research. As he is in the best position to guide you and provide you the suitable service depending on your skills and interests.

Am I eligible to apply for the course of my choice? 

This is essential to know because most of the time we want to pursue something but we don’t meet the required criteria. And, in the enthusiasm, we happen to make mistakes. So, it is quite important to openly discuss your interest and future aspirations with the counselor. As your counselor will then specifically share all the details and let you know about it. Further, he can also find an alternative for you if required. Well, largely students desire to study in the USA  through scholarships and work part-time.

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What are the requirements to enroll for the course in a specific country?

Now after talking about the course suiting your profile and the course of your choice in detail comes the requirements. Ask about requirements for not only enrolling in the course but also for applying in the specific country. Not only do different universities have different requirements but also different countries have different specifications. The answer to this question only will start your preparation practically, right from the required documentation to estimates. It would be better if you note the details and clear all your doubts. You must have clarity on this topic.

What documents are required and the importance of the SOP?

Even when you go take admission here in India you require several documents be it a school or a university. Similarly, you are going to require various documents for not only admission purposes but also migration. Here again, you must have clarity on what you require, in what number is required, and why require. Which documents will the superintendent keep and which will they return? You must gain knowledge about every single thing associated with your admission and migration process. Also, recommendation letters and transcripts can count useful.

What would be the expected total cost of studying abroad in your preferred country?

Then comes the discussion about your budget and expense as per your preferences of the country and course. Right from the cost of admission to getting shifted to an entirely new country, you must be very well calculated about each expense. Even you should ask and understand the rules of taxation as every country has different financing regulations. However, your expenses also depend on your living standards but the consultant will give you an idea about basic survival.

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How long will I be able to stay abroad?

There are certain limitations of fixed duration to stay in another country. Your migration has a fixed tenure of time. You need to avail the right type of migration process. And, for that, you need to ask and discuss the facts with your study abroad consultant. You should also ask about how long the migration will process take and what is the right time to apply for it.

What are the chances of settling abroad?

If you are looking forward to settling abroad, you may also want to ask about the chances of settling. Just like every other course of action, settling also requires documentation and procedure. Make sure you grasp all the facts and future scopes from start to end because settling abroad is similar to starting a new life.

Can we work while studying?

This depends on the interest of students, their financial circumstances, and their visa. Visa plays a huge role here. As some countries have restrictions that do not permit students pursuing an undergraduate degree to work. However, if you don’t have a visa you can work as many hours you want without any restrictions. But, confirm all the facts and check on official sites of the institution and government.


To sum it up, the questions written may not be only what a student has in his mind. It is quite fair for you to have other questions in your mind and you must ask each of them. The main objective is that your doubt must be cleared and you should receive satisfaction from the discussion with your study abroad consultant.

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