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During any kind of accident, it gets hard to find any evidence regarding how the accident happened or what is the major cause or reason behind it? However, nowadays with the improved science and technology, a new technology of 3D scanning has been designed, with which it will be quite easy for the investigators to understand the whole scenario and to solve the whole case easily.

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About 3D imaging techniques

It is a highly evolved technology that can develop an illusion of depth of an image by creating its 3D version. It is found to be very important in various fields including industrial applications as well as investigation purposes. Its basic principles are based upon stereography and binocular vision. 

Basically, in cases of a car accident, technicians have to visit the accident site, where one person has to stand with the necessary equipment, tripod, and point a laser towards the accidental spot whereas another person stays there with a pole with a reflector. However, this whole process is quite time-consuming but in recent days the latest technologies can do the whole task in just 45 minutes.

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How laser scanning is helpful during investigation?

Laser scanning provides a whole 3D image of the accident vehicle, which makes it easy to find out the possible factors behind the accident. In case of 2D photography, there are no dimensions due to which it is quite difficult to even determine the distance between two different points, due to which again you have to use the photogrammetry method. These things make it more complicated.

However, in case of the 3D scanning, with its three-dimensional illusion, it is quite easy to determine the distance between the points as well as the damaging spots. And hence it makes the case even more simplified. 

Hence, it can help the victim to provide enough evidence in the court as well as in front of the insurance companies who have been denying the liability of the accident claim.

Prevention of other evidence

Even though there is 3D imaging, you still need to collect other evidence that is found during the whole Investigation, even though it seems like of little concern, it might turn the whole table. Also, take the 2D photographs as it plays a major in the whole Investigation. All evidence is equally important for the case.


The 3D imaging technique can use as an ace card in any case as it provides the exact precise evidence and also helps the investigators to know exactly how the accident happened and what caused the accident which is enough for the victim to own its claim against the respective insurance companies.

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By Siddhi