Companies in the Logistics sector like airlines, logistic companies, trucking and distribution, manufacturing and distribution, construction, petroleum refining and distributing, military, healthcare, education, and research and engineering need more MBA professionals with the skills to handle the business operations as the changes and challenges in the business world occur. These companies are constantly updating their business processes and thus the need of efficient managers who can handle the change. In order to meet this demand, many MBA colleges have initiated a series of MBA sample projects on Logistics Management to train management students.

The first project launched by these MBA colleges is the MBA Sample Project on Logistic Management. The main aim of this project was to invite students from across the world to learn about the challenges faced by the companies in handling the supply chain. This project was undertaken after a detailed study at Harvard University, USA.

The project involved students from logistics and management backgrounds of leading global companies such as Wal-mart, Cargill, Hyatt, UPS, and Alcoa. This project gave a comprehensive idea of how logistic companies are managed in terms of costs, delivery time, inventory control, and profitability. It also showed that there are three phases in every business process: product introduction, sales, and customer relationship management. This MBA project on Logistic Management has played a major role in improving the management practices of these companies.

Another sample project on Logistic Management was conducted by the Middle East Institute of Business Administration (MBA) in Saudi Arabia. The participants of this project were from various Arab countries like Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Yemen. The participants of the project comprised executives of logistics, shipping, distribution, retail, and construction companies. The participants of the study were able to analyze the business procedures of logistic companies in terms of planning, operation, maintenance, and profitability.

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A Cost Analysis project was conducted by the Middle East Institute of Business Administration (MBA). This project examined the impact of five factors on logistics costs in five different scenarios. The project covered trucking, carrier industry, truck drivers, truck transport, truck maintenance, and freight forwarding. The results showed that the trucking industry is one of the largest contributors to logistics cost, followed by the carrier industry and the truck drivers.

A Marketing Research study was conducted by the Middle East Institute of Business Administration (MBA) to analyze the impact of advertising campaigns. The sample was made up of representatives of local marketing agencies. The research found that successful marketing campaigns reduce business costs by up to 15%. The most effective marketing strategies are based on market research, cost analysis, customer segmentation, and competitive intelligence. An examination of the findings showed that successful marketing campaigns target key benefits in the customers’ lives and create a strong desire for the product or service. Further, the successful campaign strategies to reduce the costs associated with customers who would otherwise not purchase the product or service, as well as preventing the entry of new competitors.

The analysis of the costs of petroleum, oil refineries, and transportation showed that petroleum exporters are facing significant cost savings in the long term. These savings are driven primarily by lower transportation costs for petroleum exports and lower operational costs for petroleum companies. This type of analysis will allow a company to determine the maximum amount of fuel that can be exported at minimal cost savings to its customers. Another benefit to be derived from this kind of analysis is the identification of product demand by country, the effects of policy and taxation changes on businesses involved in certain sectors, and the role of transportation in global economics.

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The last MBA sample project on Logistic Management was conducted by McKinsey to examine the impact of logistics supply chain and distribution. This project analyzed the impact on the supply chain for the major Southeast Asian countries, which import most of their goods. This project focused on the transportation, storage, pricing, as well as distribution of inventory. The analysis focused on five aspects of logistics: transportation, productivity, pricing, outage prevention, and excess inventory.

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