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Verizon is among the most popular webmail providers across the globe. They are utilized in a variety of areas of the globe, even although they shut down their Verizon email not working some time ago.

In this blog post we’ll be talking about the steps to setup But before we start ensure that you set up the outgoing and incoming Verizon mail servers in a proper manner.

How to Install Verizon Email on Outlook

  • Open MS Outlook MS Outlook email client program on your laptop or PC by clicking the icon if you’ve made a shortcut to it. It is possible to use an alternative method of clicking on”all programs” or the “all software” list.
  • When you’re done with the process of launching the program You must select the tool or on the option to save files at the top left corner of your screen in order to increase the size of this “files section”.
  • Thereafter, you’ll have to click on the info. There will be an array of options pop on the screen. Click on Account Settings from the options available.
  • Select the email tab from the tiny wizard that appears at the top of your screen.
  • From the email tab, select new. This will trigger the start of another wizard whose name is “add an account”.
  • You’ll have to enter your details into the “auto account set-up” window. Select”mail accounts” or the “email account” option to activate this step.
  1. Input your name as appropriate into the field for name.
  2. Fill in the correct Verizon email address correct into the address box.
  3. Please enter your Verizon account password with care in the field for password.
  4. Then enter the password again in the field to retype password in order to verify the password.
  • Once you’ve entered all of the information correctly Once you’ve entered the correct information, tap the button that reads “manual configuration or additional type of server” by pressing it. Next, press to move onto”choose server” page “choose server” page.
  • Find and click”Internet Email” or “internet email” option on the select server page. Click the next.
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A window titled “internet email settings” will open. It is necessary to fill in the email settings that you have set for you within that window.

  1. Information about the userType your name correctly and the correct email address into the name and email fields.
  2. Server information: You have to select IMAP or POP3 in this account type. Input the mail server for incoming field by using to POP3 or in the case of IMAP. Input in both IMAP as well as POP3 in the text of the mail server that is outgoing in field.
  3. Login information: You will be required to enter your email address and password for your account with Verizon mail in the specific fields.
  • Check the box for “remember password” and “requires sign in with secured passwords” choices Both are at the bottom left on your display.
  • After that, select next, click on the “more options” option to access the next page. There, you’ll need to select”outgoing server tab. “outgoing server tab” to enable the following:
  1. You must on the “my external server needs authentication” option.
  2. The next step is to you must agree to the “use the same settings as my inbound email server” option.
  • Then click”Advanced” and click on the Advanced tab to launch the Advanced tab where you will enter the proper port settings as shown below.
  1. The server that is incoming for POP3-You will be using 995.
  2. The IMAP-You server that will be redirected to the incoming server will be using 993
  3. The old server-Use 465 for this
  4. Type of encryption connection – SSL
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Test the account settings by opening the previous window , and then clicking the next. This will tell you whether or not you’ve successfully set up your Verizon email Settings. Follow the next step and complete with the Verizon email configuration if the test results show nothing.

For more information for more information, contact Verizon Support and help services.

Troubleshooting Methods To Configure Verizon Email To AOL

  • Access Outlook email program on your computer and click on the File button located in the upper-left corner of your screen
  • Select”Add Account” from the menu. Then choose the “a manual setup or other servers” option. After that, click Next.
  • Then, select the IMAP or POP option and press Next.
  • On the next screen in your system, type in the details below.
  • Your name – type your complete email address
  • Type of account – select IMAP
  • Incoming mail server –
  • Outgoing mail server –
  • User name – type your entire email address
  • Password – enter the password for your account
  • After you’ve completed the above steps then click on the Additional Settings button. Then, you will be able to open the new window. Navigate to the tab for Outgoing servers and then select the choices.
    • Servers that are outgoing (SMTP) must be authenticated
    • Please follow the same configurations that I use for my mail server
  • Next, click on next, select the Advanced Option and apply the changes that are listed below.
    • Incoming Server 993
    • Outgoing Server 465
  • After that, press the OK button.
  • After that, click the Next and wait until your email program has completed the testing process. If the test process is successful, press the Close button.
  • Then press the Finish button, and then send an email test to see if your account is operating properly.
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