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English is an important language, as it is a common tongue across the major parts of the world. Most competitive entrance tests also have the English language as a common subject. However, not everyone finds it easy to learn. On the other hand, the English language has become a necessary skill. Considering this, Books such as the Lucent English grammar book can help you learn good grammar fast.

Why Is English Grammar Important In Competitive Exams?

Whether preparing for a state-level or a central-level competitive exam, you need to learn English and its grammar. Aspirants are tested for English grammar because it is a global language. Science, aviation, tourism, technology, media, social networks, and much more use English to communicate with the world. Anyone who wants to make it in the competitive exams must have a basic understanding of English grammar.

Students need to clearly understand the basic rules of grammar to make it through subjective, objective and verbal sections of several competitive exams.

Besides, English becomes one of the easiest and most scorable subjects if you know the grammar well. If you are proficient with grammar, you can quickly finish the English part of the tests and focus on other subjects.

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Having a good command of the language makes you appear more confident and presentable. It gives you the means by which you can communicate with your fellow people and the entire world.

How to Improve General English Grammar for Competitive Exams?

Now that you know how important English is for doing well in a competitive exam, we provide you with a few tips to improve your grammar.

1. Select the Best Reference Material: Lucent English Grammar Book

While some people find English grammar confusing and hard, if you do it correctly, you will learn it in no time. Make full use of good reference grammar books such as Lucent English grammar book.

Benefits of studying from Lucent English grammar book:

Teaches how to make sentences that communicate what you mean correctly.

Explains in detail the rules of sentence formation.

Teaches multiple grammar rules such as tenses, verbs, punctuation, and more.

Besides improving the basic grammar of students it improves their confidence and oratory skills.

It includes various exercises and quizzes that enable students to learn and retain better.

Teaches grammar in fun and interesting ways.

Students can come back to the book whenever they need clarification or have a doubt.

Learning from good grammar books such as Lucent English grammar book improves student’s command over language and makes them score better in competitive exams.

Other than these students can look forward to the following tips to improve their grammar for competitive exams.

2. Read English Newspapers

Reading English newspapers not only keeps you up to date about world events but also broadens your vocabulary and understanding of grammar. Keep a dictionary handy to know the meanings of unknown words and observe how they are used in sentences. Doing so will familiarise you with new words and the categories of parts of speech they fall into. Reading editorials may prove effective. Experts write editorials in newspapers, and they use high-level English. Observe the way a word is used and the punctuation.

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3. Time your Reading

Most competitive exams have reading comprehension sections. Fast reading and strong vocabulary are essential for understanding the text. When you read, use a stopwatch to note your speed. Try to understand what is being conveyed instead of focusing on minute details. Read the passage once, read the questions and read the passage again. In this manner, you will be able to quickly recognise the answers to the questions asked.

4. Read Aloud

Another pro tip is to read aloud. Reading aloud naturally reinforces correct grammar usage in your mind. Reading aloud with appropriate pauses will make it easier for you to understand the nuances of grammar.

5. Write More

A wise man once said that you must speak, read, write, hear, and even think in the same language to learn a language. While reading and listening to English is important, you can get better if you write passages. No matter what the topic is, start writing. The more you write, the better you become. A major mistake most people make while writing in English is to think of the words and sentences in their first or native language. Doing so eventually makes them commit grammar mistakes. Think of a sentence in English, write it down and read it aloud to see if you can spot any mistakes.

6. Build Your Vocabulary

A strong vocabulary can help you do great at competitive exams. Here are a few easy ways to build your vocabulary:

You need to learn at least one new word each day. Learn the word, its pronunciation, its meaning, and its usage.

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Play games like scrabble and crossword to learn new words.

Once you learn a word, try to incorporate it into daily conversations so that you get familiar with it.


Most people aspiring to do well in competitive exams spend a lot of their time preparing for the quantitative section. However, they often ignore the grammar part of the English language, which is as important as Math or any other subject. The best part is you can score fast and easily if you are good at grammar. Lucent English grammar book helps you in preparing and scoring better. You can find many such books at trustable platforms like Get My Books and order them delivered to your doorstep.