There can be no strict definitions imposed upon one when a ‘thesis statement’ is in question. However, if still, one tries to elaborate, then in basic words, a ‘thesis statement’ can be understood as a synopsis of an entire document.

A strong thesis statement shall easily qualify as a blueprint for the whole paper. By deliberating upon the writer’s point of view, it informs the reader about what will happen next. If we compare it with the rest of the document, everything that is not part of the thesis will be part of arguments that substantiate the claims one has made concerning facts or case studies.

If we delve a bit deeper, a thesis statement is mostly found in the first paragraph of a document. It is often the opening sentence of the paper or part of the last sentence of the first page of the document. So be it a research document or general article that one aims to publish, it is only part of the first page.

Why ‘Thesis Statement’ is so complex 

In some of the other moments, every student feels that they have been struggling to write a thesis statement. As it needs to be crisp and precise, writing becomes more difficult. Further, as one is reducing the entire document into a single sentence, it might be a  nightmare for a writer to summarize the text’s main points concisely.

As the education system advances daily, more and more research is being done. So if you’re writing a lengthy research paper or some research essay, a thesis statement is a must. Many students think smarter and plan to mention the ‘thesis statement’ in the last few paragraphs, but they forget the fact that the previous sections are read more keenly as compared to middle lines. Also, such statements shall appear in the opening chapter of the text only.

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Therefore it isn’t easy to make a good thesis statement in the present context. So if you have been someone who has struggled with this piece of writing, then it’s better to take help than put efforts in vain.

Writing a Strong Thesis Statement: Some Pointers

  • Visualize your thesis as the focal point of your paper

Your thesis must be powerful enough to take centre stage because if not so, then it may be useless to write it. The most potent way to write an attention-grabbing thesis is to consider the same as a blog post title, and then the rest of the content should be related to this title only. Remember not to use examples, and just facts shall suffice the requirement.

  • Keep things short: 

A powerful thesis statement can be conveyed in one line. So we are trying to be crisp and precise at the same moment. There are only certain cases when a Multi-sentence thesis statement may become suitable. However, even in these certain circumstances, one has to be careful not to go too deep into your argument because the rest of your document is for that purpose only.

  • Make a list of your thoughts. 

Though they are very powerful tools to create content, in the case of a thesis statement, you can’t back it up with proof. However, there will be only facts that shall be put forth creatively, but at the same, we must keep in mind that we don’t have to come up with evidence to back our statements. The proofs and part proof shall be taken care of by the rest of the body section.

  • Be pervasive in your view.  

When writing down the thesis section, one becomes more conservative in its views and tends to put up only their side of the argument. To be pervasive is to be broad-minded, so when writing a thesis statement, they should have to think twice about how they will write the content in the body section.

Also, they should mention ideas that further their views but at the same time should also assess the opposing views and make sure that their thesis has parts that support such opposing arguments despite the inconsistencies. However, there can be cases where one might face a significant difficulty while mentioning such statements, so in that case, if possible, then one can take the help of their friends and even their college professor who is their guide for the paper.

  • Give a precise response. 

The goal of a vague thesis statement is not served, so consider it as a response to a question. It must be as precise as feasible for the reader to believe that the paper is worthwhile of their time and attention. Put another way; it should convince the audience to keep reading. Similarly, each subject phrase must be closely related to the thesis. The body paragraphs are then used to expand on these subject lines. If your hypothesis can’t achieve this level of relevance, it’s time to rework it.

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A Thesis Statement’s Importance

Your thesis statement must always be accurate. It should be able to do the following:

  • Condense your thoughts into one or two phrases.

Condensing a thought might involve making sure that you provide a brief or gist of the entire thing. So that reader can become clear by just reading what the whole document shall be all about.

  • Bring your reader to your point of view.

One has to connect with a reader, so there shall be multiple views for a particular topic, but broadly they will either oppose or favour the same. So whatever be the views if you will teach both the aspects you reader will get fairly connected.

  • Organize and develop your writing.

Always try to organize the view you have systematically. Though the thesis shall have more facts, a blend of imagination can help you convey your point of view better. Also, as the paper you have been writing shall bring out your observations, nonetheless, your ‘thesis statement’ should be a detailed reduplication of the same.

Few Awesome Steps that can help you in writing a Thesis Statement

As said earlier, drafting the thesis statement is the most difficult component of a paper for many students. Recently my friend Ben, writing a thesis statement, came to me for some guidance. I have witnessed that students search on the internet for thesis writing help in the UK for relevant articles or blogs which can guide them through the process.

So though, there is no such shortcut that can help you in one day as writing something needs articulation skills, and it can only be developed with time. Still, if you are an average writer, a few steps can make your thesis statement beyond normal.

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The same can be elaborated as follows –

  1. Make a list of your major points.

By this, I mean that you need to jot down all the crucial outlines. Unlike a book’s introduction, a thesis statement must include just enough information to persuade the reader to continue reading. You don’t want to get too deep into your specifics but at the same time keep the reader open to ideas and imaginations of what all will be included. A thesis statement is the face of the entire article, essay, paper etc., and you have to make it catchy enough that the reader remains engrossed. So always make a list of major points you have in mind and don’t forget to mention the same.

  1. Argument vs Counterargument.

As elaborated above, a thesis statement shall be weak if it lacks a counter-argument and rationale behind the defence. So make sure that when you mention opposing views or theories, there is evidence confirming the same. Further, bring the same in your reader’s notice through your thesis statement itself.

  1. 3. Convert your concept into a question and respond to it.

In the first paragraph of your paper, pose a question and construct your thesis statement as a solution to this. For instance, “What is the most versatile form of energy?” you might wonder. Then your thesis statement might be something like, “Renewable energy is the most versatile form of energy”.

This strategy will capture your readers from the first phrase and entice them to continue discovering the solution. By asking the question, you also provide the requisite information you always wanted to prove. So when you ask the question about universal energy, then psychologically, you are assuring the reader to look for and believe the same. But there can be instances that you might face problems in convincing the reader despite having enough proof. However, the question-answer form ends such a problem.

4) Always give an Ending 

Remember that your thesis must also show your paper’s inferences. It should explain why a debate is necessary and why you choose your paper’s topic. Most writers forget the importance of supposition and leave their readers in abeyance. So never miss giving a proper ending to your thesis statement.

5) Try writing a thesis statement in the End 

It might sound weird to you, but it will be a powerful tool if, in case, you are someone who gets confused pretty easily. This technique will ensure that you are thorough with all the possible research and writing, and you don’t miss out on anything.  


Lastly, it can be said that above mentioned were only a few ideas which can help you to write your thesis statement, but there can always be more, whatever be the case, always remember one thing, never think too much before witting just began with something because once you will come if flow ideas shall start to sprout up.

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