As the jewelry is the charm of every look, gold bracelets are the charm of every jewelry collection. They are complementary fashion statements for women as well as men.  

Men usually tend to wear simple yet elegant jewelry pieces. And when it comes to bracelets, their selection is utterly bold and classical. However, it has no role in limiting their choice.  

If you are looking for an ideal men’s gold bracelet, the Cuban link bracelet must be your first choice. Let us discuss them in detail.

Gold Cuban Linked Bracelets

Cuban-linked chains are usually referred to as gold chains or bracelets for men. Gold Cuban link chain bracelets have a sturdy appearance and bulky weight. They have chains formed by linking tiny oval or circular rings in distinct ways.

Gold Cuban link bracelets are decent yet classy at the same time. They have been growing in popularity among males because of the comfortable look they give and their capacity to add glamour to any look you style them with!

Types of Gold Cuban Bracelets

Cuban bracelets are of two types depending upon the Cuban links they have.

  • Miami Cuban link bracelets: The links in these bracelets are made by interlocking either round or oval gold rings together, creating a smooth unison pattern
  • Prong link bracelets: Prong links are large (primarily oval) and flooded with stones. It appears attractive because of its unique interlocking patterns.
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The design we think of is a Cuban bracelet in Miami Cuban link bracelet. It is because of the enormous popularity of these designs. The most liked Cuban link bracelets are the Miami Cuban link bracelets. The prong link bracelets are popular among hip-hop fans.

Guides to Buy Gold Cuban Link Bracelet

Here are the guides to follow while buying a gold Cuban link bracelet:

  • Purity of Gold and Karat Type

While buying a gold bracelet, you must check for the purity of the gold! The effortless way to find out whether the gold is pure or not? You have to place it on a surface and pour white vinegar on it; if it changes color, it is not pure. If it keeps shining and does not change color, your bracelet is pure gold.

A karat is 1/24th part of gold. 24k gold has al 24 components of gold. The most used gold mixture is 14k gold, as it provides a perfect combination of beautiful color, strength, and reasonable price.

  • What Size Should You Choose?

 To determine the size of your bracelet, you have to measure your wrist. If you are wondering, How do you measure your wrist for a bracelet? Let me answer your question. Wrap a piece of string below your wrist bone. Mark the string with a marker at the point where it completes around your wrist. Measure the strip; your wrist size is it is! It is to remember that this is the minimum size of the bracelet. If you buy a bracelet from this site, you will not be able to put it on. So, you must add a supplement to your wrist size depending on how to lose you want your bracelet to be. 

  • Clasp Inspection and Chain Smoothness
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A bracelet clasp is somehow a bracelet lock. A suitable Cuban link bracelet is easy to open and hard to break clasp. No doubt, a lobster hole is the best clasp to use. Ring clasps are most common and inexpensive, but they are not as secure as the former.

Chain smoothness is something that is mostly overlooked while buying a bracelet. You must run your fingers on the bracelet chain to look for any spiked particle that can irritate your skin and catch on your cloth!


Reasons to Buy a Gold Cuban Link Bracelet

Why should you buy a gold Cuban link bracelet? These are the reasons that excite you to buy one:

  • Popular Fashion Trend

Gold Cuban chain bracelet’s popularity has been growing for ages, and now it has reached the sky breaking all the bounds. They are considered a crucial part of hip-hop fashion. Many hip-hop artists and rappers wear customized Gold Cuban linked bracelets at their shows and concerts. Stapling up two of them together is the favorite combination of rappers.

These bracelets are always trendy because of their simplicity and elegance. The gold Cuban link bracelet is not the craze; it must!

  • Style It the Way You Like

You can style gold Cuban linked bracelets the way you like. You can style these gold bracelets with any outfit. Men pair it with both formal and casual looks, as it is the most elegant jewelry piece to style with comfort.

If you desire to gift something to your husband that is unique and trendy, Gold Cuban bracelets must be the first option popping up in your mind. It is indeed an elegant jewelry piece for men to wear.

  • Easily Customized
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They come in all three elegant gold colors. Depending on your favoritism, you can customize it in any color.

You should customize your bracelet size concerning your preference. If you have bought a loose or tight bracelet, you can get it fixed by the jeweler; the length of the Cuban linked bracelet can be easily altered. The average weight of these bracelets is 8-10g and has a width of 9mm.

Where to Buy These From?

The next question raised in your mind: Where to get these from? Here I am to answer this question. ItsHot New York is the best jewelry brand so far. You can get any desired jewelry piece from their website. They have a lovely collection of gold Cuban link bracelets on their website and online stores.

Let us point out some of the best features of ItsHot! This brand provides you with high-quality gold Cuban link bracelets with worldwide shipping and exclusively free shipping in the U.S. Most of their products have warranties of 12 months. They provide 30 days return policy. These are the qualities that make a brand stand out like ItsHot is!


If you think only women are fashion conscious, you are wrong! Men are also mindful of style and are aware of trends. The trendiest bracelet is a gold cuban link bracelet because of the several ways. ItsHot is the best brand to get it from, with a wide variety to select from.