Earrings add grace to the face of the wearer, and no matter which one you pick, be it a delicate diamond stud or dramatic diamond dangle, these will not fail to enhance your attire. Among the huge spectrum of diamond earrings out there, one of the classiest and most gorgeous jewellery pieces is the diamond stud earrings. They are also popular for being customizable and versatile pieces of jewellery. If you ever need to transform your diamond stud earrings into a dangle, you only need an extension to add to your stud.

Picking the right shape for diamond stud earrings

The most important feature that determines the look of diamond stud earrings is the shape of the diamond. These determine how big or small it will look on your ear and how well the sparkle will be. A few common shapes of diamond studs are:

  1. Round diamond stud earrings

One of the most popular and classic designs is round diamond stud earrings. These shapes shine exceptionally bright since they allow maximum light to enter the stone. It is usually the first cut people go after when buying diamond stud earrings for the first time.

  1. Princess diamond studs

The princess diamond stud earrings are in-demand shape because of their distinct square face look. In the princess cut, the diamond stone is usually held through prongs, and these are a great choice to add glamour to your outfit.

  1. Cushion cut diamond

Also known as the old mine cut, these are trending diamond stud earring options because of their unique shape. The shape of the diamond is similar to that of a square with rounded edges. The cut resembles a vintage style and is something your vintage collection would love.

  1. Oval shape

Create a unique look with oval-shaped diamond stud earrings. These are an elongated version of the classic round shape, a perfect blend of modern and traditional. Therefore, if diamond stud earrings are on your list, the oval studs definitely need to be your priority.

  1. Pear shape

A shape that resembles a teardrop is bound to be bold and elegant. This classic piece of diamond stud earrings is a show stopper and is something that will catch everyone’s attention.

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Shop by Metal

Once you have decided on the shape of diamond stud earrings you want to go for, the next factor you need to decide on is the metal you want your earrings to be in. The most popular metals that are used to create diamond stud earrings are:

  • Platinum

One of the most beautiful metals used to make diamond studs is platinum. If budget is not your concern, picking a platinum and diamond stud earring would be ideal. The best thing about platinum is that the silvery white shade of the metal reflects more light into the diamond, causing the stone to shine brighter!

  • Gold

If you have already set a budget and a platinum stud earring does not fit into that, the next best option is to purchase gold earrings. The white shade of the gold enhances the shine of the diamond just like platinum and is an attractive option! Yellow and rose gold are other beautiful options you could consider based on how you plan on matching your diamond stud Adina Eden earrings.

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