Technology is developing every day, and these innovations are making games much more exciting and accessible. If you’re a video game geek, you’ve probably heard of the benefits of cloud gaming, which includes giving you instant access to several games on a server. Apart from allowing players to enjoy games hosted on the cloud, cloud gaming can also take multiplayer games like poker to the next level thanks to cross-device compatibility.

Now, you don’t have to worry whether you’re running on iOS and your friends are on Android – some games still allow you to play together. Playing with your friends doesn’t only make the game even more fun, it also helps you get better at poker. With online play, you now have a group of people you can bounce ideas and strategies off – especially those who are better at playing the game and more experienced than you are.

If you’re up for a little healthy competition, check out these four apps that let you play poker with friends:

Appeak Poker App (iOS, Android)

Appeak Poker offers several distinctive features, such as the duel feature, which enables you to engage in a poker battle with your friends. With a straightforward UI that makes playing online games a breeze, this app has long been one of the top free apps for playing poker games. In addition to Bingo Bango, Sit & Go’s, MTTs, and double-ups, the app features a Play Now option that enables you to join a brief poker game while you’re on the go.

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World Series of Poker App (iOS, Android)

The World Series of Poker, as its name suggests, is an app that allows you to compete in tournaments against local opponents or people worldwide. It is modelled after the world’s biggest poker tournament, and its player base is huge. The app allows you to create exclusive tables that only your friends can access. Within those tables, you can establish the rules and choose the poker type and mode on your own. If playing with your friends isn’t enough to draw you in, rewards are up for grabs when you play WSOP – including cash and tickets to actual WSOP events.

Zynga Poker App (iOS, Android, Windows)

The famed Zynga Poker is a popular online poker app featuring a ton of tables, competitions, and players in the millions. This game is well-known for its next-generation mobile platform, which provides a rich bonus system, supports a variety of poker types and game modes, and lets you play exclusively against your opponents. Zynga also keeps the game interactive by allowing players to create their own private tables and enter established ones. In private tables, you can also control which players can join. Additionally, the app allows you to change the poker type, table theme, and game mode. How’s that for total control?

EasyPoker (iOS, Android)

If you’re looking for an easy and entertaining poker app you can play with your friends – EasyPoker is for you! The app has a simple design that lets you quickly create a private table. It also supports a variety of poker types, including the traditional Texas Hold’em, Reverse Hold’em, Short Deck, and more. The private tables allow a maximum of 12 players at a time, with a minimum of 2. Invite friends to play by sharing your table’s code, and you’re good to go. Lastly, the also game has its own digit currency, so you and your friends can enjoy a risk-free gaming experience.

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Thanks to cloud-based innovations, staying in touch and having fun with your friends is much easier. So if you want a bit more fun in your life, look into our insider reviews of games here at Goral Web. Our articles on rummy, slots, and poker will help you and your friends have the time of your lives together.

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