Top 10 Tips To Keep Smartphone Safe:- As the world is becoming digital, we are able to do anything easily and in a simple way like earlier we used to send a message by writing a letter to the ports cord ie the post office. And after a few days it was sent by the postman to another place and it takes more time, in today’s time we can easily send messages through WhatsApp through mobile messages but as everyone knows that digital There are advantages and disadvantages too, some people’s mobile gets hacked, personal data is being leaked.

That’s why I am going to tell you today that you can save your smartphone from being hacked, so today I am going to tell you  Top 10 Tips To Keep Smartphone Safe so that you can save your smartphone from being hacked or you can keep your smartphone secure. let’s start |

Top 10 Tips To Keep Smartphone Safe

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how to keep smartphone safe

Nowadays, as the trend of social media has increased, people’s smartphones get hacked and their private data, videos or images are leaked, some people make such mistakes, which you can fix or keep the smartphone secure. That’s why today I have brought some such methods for you like how to keep top-10 smartphones safe – Mobile Phone Security Tips & Tricks which I will tell you today read till the end of the article.

Smartphone Ko Secure kaise Kare

10 ways to keep your smartphone safe

1. Third Party App Download

If you want to protect your smartphone from being hacked, then do not download any app from anywhere, if you download the app from the website somewhere inadvertently, then you may get virus and malware in it and you smartphone will start running slow and hack too. Most mobile or smartphone is the reason for being hacked, so whenever you use Google Play Store to download the application, do not download the application from anywhere else.

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Top 10 Smartphone Ko Secure Kaise Kare

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2. Unknown Source

Always keep the Unknown Source of your smartphone closed, sometimes you go to Settings and go to Unknown Source and turn it on, in which there is an option whether you install from Unknown Source, which you turn on and then forget it. If you do not turn it off, then turn it off immediately after knowing it in the setting (Scrolling down in Setting → Security), sometimes there is a very important app which is not on the Play Store and only then turn it on and after downloading the app, turn it off. And while downloading the app from outside, definitely check its rating and review.

Download it only if you have trust and yes, even on Play Store, 100% App Secure is not done, every 2 or 3 months many apps are deleted from Google Play Store and there is data in which there is some deficiency, so download carefully.

3. App Permissions

If you are doing it on Android 10 or Android 11, then you will easily know which app is taking what permissions like you downloaded any game or you are downloading any racing game. What permissions may he need for Microphone, Camera, Contact from you, don’t give him permissions for all these things, if that racing game does not open without permission, then uninstall it or download an app, he needs something else There is a demand in which it has no use, then be careful with it or if possible then uninstall that app.

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4. OS & Apps Update

Always keep updating your application and OS (Operating System) so that your smartphone will be safe and this is most important because if your app is old or OS is on old version then your smartphone is more prone to hack because when OS and When the update of the APP comes, then the security update comes in it, due to which there is less risk of your smartphone being hacked.

Top 10 Smartphone Ko Secure Kaise Kare

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5. Different Password

In today’s time, almost all people use on social media and create accounts on it, then you should try to keep different passwords of different social media accounts, so that nowadays you people must know that social media accounts get hacked if You should keep different passwords so that if you think that one account is hacked, then the other account will be saved and if all the accounts keep the same password, then one social media will be hacked, then the other will also happen and to make it more secure, 2 Step Verification Make sure to use it so that the risk of your account being hacked will be negligible.

6. Device Backup

Take a backup of your smartphone, definitely take a backup of your Chats, Massages, Photos, Videos and your files, you can easily keep it safe on Google Drive , make sure to backup every 10 to 15 days if you think you have lost your phone somewhere. If it is stolen or stolen, then all your data is inside the same smartphone and Find My Device is a Google app that you must install and keep in your smartphone and keep it activated because if your phone is stolen or lost. If done, then you have a backup, then you can be trasfure on another smartphone, with the help of Find My Device , you can delete  whatever data is in your smartphone so that your private data or anything else will not be in the hands of others.

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7. Public Place पर Device Charging

If you are at an airport or at a bus station and your smartphone’s battery is depleted, then do not charge it too much, then there is a lot of chance that you will be with you. Phishing attack can happen because nowadays hackers are charging public places, whereas adopters have chips inside them, so that they can extract all the data of your smartphone, yes you have put USB, through that your entire data can be hacked if your If the battery runs out very quickly, then use a power bank but do not charge in a public place, so pay attention to all these things.

8. Use Paassphrese

Often we use 4 Digit or Pattarn Lock in our smartphone, never use Passphres or Passcode which is more safe because Pattarn Aur 4 Digit can be easily hacked whereas Passphres or Passcode is not easily hacked. Because you can use many things in it, in which you can use numbers, special characters and alphabets, which makes it difficult to hack.

9. Incognito Mode

We do browsing many times thinking that if I am turning it on in Incognito mode, then no one is seeing our data, then no one will know if you think so, then you think wrong because ISP is seeing everything. Which site do you visit, if you want to browse very privately, then you can use VPN, so that no one can see your private data.

10. Ad Personalization

If your smartphone sees more of what you see, you see the same ads everywhere, think of doing shopping on any site or online, then once you like an Adidas shoe in it, then you will see the same ads everywhere, whatever you browse. To turn it off, you will go to Google Apps and turn off Ads Personalization, this will stop showing any ads.


In today’s article, we have covered Top-10 Smartphones to keep them safe – Mobile Phone Security Tips & Tricks or Top 10 Tips To Keep Smartphone Safe, if you like this information, do tell by commenting below and share with your friends on social media too. Share |


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