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Despite being expensive, corporations are availing of the best UK colocation services. There are many  driving factors behind the fame of the trend. This article is all about contributing factors of colocation’s success and the top three providers. 

Why is the UK Colocation so Popular?

Yes, the upfront cost may seem more extensive than a dedicated server. However, colocation is much more affordable in the longer term. You save the money you spend on the security of your server. Any cheap server can turn out to be expensive in the longer run. 

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about power outages that adversely affect your server and connected devices. Colocation services are always equipped with backup power. Hence you are always sure that your website is accessible for a worldwide audience all the time. 

This aspect is critical for eCommerce websites with high traffic. Even the five minutes of downtime can make them lose millions of dollars. 

Another prime benefit is protection from theft. Colocation provides the best security against crimes. In addition, it maintains a safe environment for many aspects that are critical for servers.

For example, it arranges power supply, controls temperature and humidity, and takes proper measures for air filtration, fire protection, video monitoring, and much more.

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Also, colocation is an attempt to maximize IT work to run various applications and other cyberspace-related items. Finally, cheap server colocation services are venues that bring together multiple servers to give security and a stable internet connection.

Three Companies That Deserve The Title of The Best UK Colocation


Following are our three picks from the list.  

  • TheEmailShop

TheEmailShop provides an exciting opportunity to house your servers at the most secure data centers in the UK. 

Cost-Effective Solutions

Enjoy unmatchable levels of reliability, flexibility, and scalability of their server colocation services. Clients can store their servers in a safe and secure data center in the United Kingdom. At the same time, you can save money and improve uptime and bandwidth.

Super Data Centers

TheEmailShop’s solutions harness the potential of multiple Tier 1 carriers and peering links to different exchanges. 

Exercise Full Authority

You get complete control over your content, server software, and bandwidth connection. Meanwhile, our skillful experts take care of maintenance and power remotely. In addition, they cater to both single & multiple rack solutions. 

Zero Downtime

Concentrate on your business tasks peacefully as TheEmailShop’s powerful cheap servers are never down. What could be more relaxing than 99.9% uptime guarantees? Focus on streamlining the core processes of your business. Also, trained specialists of a mature support department are always there to manage equipment and reduce overhead costs to the maximum. 

  • Grid Hosting

Everything you will ever need is bundled in the colocation service provider. Either it is power allocation, maximum power draw 0.5 AMP, combination (Key And Biometric Available), bandwidth unmetered, and 24/7 availability. 

Tailor-made colocation

If you are looking for a platform to collocate your IT infrastructure, Grid Hosting is one of the best options. Their data centers are safe and offer a unique platform for colocation. 

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They provide customized colocation services. So it does not matter if you need a single server or multiple servers. Grid Hosting will offer the best assistance in both cases. 

Flexible and scalable

The feature-rich services provide scalable and flexible options. Pick from a private suite, multi-racks or single cabinet. Different industry standards inspire the design and help them adapt to your business needs.

Guaranteed performance

Facilities equip tier-2 and UK-based data centers. Grid Hosting is famous for 99.9% uptime and super-reliable performance.

Power distribution

Data centers operate through high-end power distribution systems. Other than the uninterrupted power supply, emergency generators, and utility power, many different features also help you multiply the efficiency of your business operations.

Fire suppression system

Grid Hosting handles uncertain situations tactfully. They use a well-managed fire suppression system. Its purpose and primary function are to offer protection from calamities. 

To compensate for any loophole it leaves, they keep their servers in a technological environment. It is thoroughly filtered and air-conditioned and dissipates the heat smartly. 

Server racks

Grid Hosting engineers design up-to-the-mark racks keeping industry standards in mind. They guarantee the protection of servers while retaining the costs to the minimum levels. In addition, Grid Hosting arranges a complete CCTV monitoring and recording. Thus you can tackle all server-related problems.

  • Server Colocation

Server Colocation is a professional colocation service in the UK that offers the highest level of security. Also, they offer the most durable rack enclosures. Server Colocation takes efficient and industry-standard measures to protect the client’s valuable business data. Data connections and data backups are their daily practice.

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Affordable Cost

You receive multiple benefits when you co-locate your server in top-class data centers to make them operate through in-house IT infrastructures at affordable costs. Some examples are the management of experienced remote hands, unmetered bandwidth, and redundant power. But, of course, the best is to get more time for focusing on actual business operations, be it accessories business or real estate. That leads to increased revenue.

Better Performance & Efficiency

All of the Server Collocations UK data centers are purpose-built facilities. Their recipe for delivering 20 times better performance is utilization of multiple Tier 1 carriers and peering links to numerous exchanges. 

Multi Options

Colocation services are the requirement of every rapidly growing business. This greatest Server Colocation UK harnesses the immense potential of the cloud without any long-term contracts. So drop them a message to find managed hosting, data center colocation, sustainability, and Virtual private cloud hosting all under one roof. 

Integration of connected third-party services to server colocation’s systems is more than simple. Connecting services like Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud Platform is almost effortless. 

Secure & Compliant

Server colocation offers a complete security package in both physical and network aspects. Run your business peacefully.

Personalized Support

The support of a well-experienced support team goes beyond helping you address the technical issues. They will also discuss your business requirements, have brainstorming sessions with you and help you choose the service model that best meets your needs. 

While some clients need a rack space for their hardware, some are looking for dedicated remote hands. Server colocation provides services to both of them and also ensures the availability of its support team all the time. 

The Final Verdict

Logically speaking, avoiding the troubles of an in-house server would require paying more than an in-house server. That is why Colocation services are expensive. We have mentioned the three best industry names, and choosing one of them will let you enjoy the colocation benefits in their true essence. 


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