Knowing the differences between overhead cranes can help your company in a number of ways. Overhead cranes can boost your workplace’s productivity and efficiency. The correct overhead crane might make your job a lot easier. Choosing the incorrect one, though, is a different story.

Gantry cranes, monorail cranes, jib cranes, top-running, bridge cranes, and under-running workstation cranes are all examples of overhead cranes. You’ll get a quick, useful overview of all the different types of overhead cranes by reading the following page.

3 Major types of gantry cranes:

By the end of this blog post, we will have enough information to determine what type of overhead crane will fit best to your work and who you should contact to obtain your overhead crane.

1.     Gantry cranes:

Gantry cranes are a kind of overhead cranes that are supported by a gantry. A gantry is similar to a mobile structure that supports big machinery. Also, the Railroad signals, rockets, and (you guessed it) cranes are just a few of the things it can support.

A crane on a gantry is manufactured when two and more two ports are added together.

Gantry Crane Uses

Gantry cranes are accessible in a variety of sizes, ranging from small enough to fit in your garage to large enough to lift your garage, house, and everything in it.

The largest gantry cranes are found at shipping and container yards, rail yards, and places where large concrete slabs are formed. Smaller gantry cranes are commonly used in garages and small manufacturing companies.

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Smaller gantry cranes are usually mounted on heavy-duty wheels to provide you with accessibility for easy mobility. A larger gantry crane might meet your needs if you need an exterior overhead crane that can move many tonnes and works well on a track system.

Gantry Crane Cost

The nicest thing about smaller gantry cranes is that they are reasonably priced. A gantry crane capable of moving several thousand pounds can be purchased for roughly four thousand dollars.

This makes them a good alternative for home mechanics and artists who need to transfer or hold a huge amount of weight. Larger gantry cranes can be too expensive. The Taisun Crane, the world’s largest gantry crane, is expected to cost roughly $40 million to build. You can’t beat that pricing if you need to lift a barge a hundred feet above the sea.

2.     Jib Cranes

A jib crane resembles an upside-down letter L if you’ve never seen one before. They are normally floor attached, either to their own dedicated support or to the support beam of a building.

Jib cranes often come with an electric chain hoist and can be turned by hand. This allows them to perform a large number of lifts in a short amount of time.

Jib Crane Uses

Cranes of this sort are usually seen in production and assembly lines, industries, and mines. They don’t have as much carrying power as some of the other cranes on this list (usually capping out at one ton).

Despite this, they are a reliable solution for short-distance purposes due to their high efficiency and ease of use.

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Jib Crane Cost

A three-thousand-dollar one-ton floor-mounted jib crane is a good investment. The more weight you require it to lift, the more it will cost, but keep in mind that they only go up to just a few tonnes.

3.     Bridge Cranes

When you think of an overhead crane, you’re probably thinking of a bridge crane.

This type of overhead crane is installed within a building and is supported by the rest of the building.

A hoist that can move left or right is nearly always found on an overhead bridge crane. These cranes are frequently mounted on a track, allowing the entire system to travel forward or backwards within the structure.


There are two types of bridge cranes: single girder and double girder. The beams that span each runway are known as bridge girders.

Bridge Crane Uses

Bridge cranes are used in a variety of industries, from automobile manufacturing to paper mills. You can’t beat a bridge crane if you need to carry something exceedingly heavy within a structure. They are extremely dependable and make the interior building work much more efficient.

Bridge Crane Cost

Single girder bridge cranes are less economical than double girder bridge cranes, but they also have less carrying power. If you need to lift extremely heavy items, you may need to spend big bucks on a double girder bridge crane.


You should feel much more at ease discussing overhead cranes now that you’ve read all of this.

But the largest advantage is that you now have a thorough understanding of a variety of Overhead crane manufacturers and how their uses and capabilities might assist your company!

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We’ve also spoken about how much each sort of crane costs. Not only what kind of cost tags we should expect, but also what some of the long-term costs would be.


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