Biology is an interesting subject in itself because you get to study various living organisms present around you, and how they reproduce, modify or change themselves, etc. While all of this may not interest a layman, a medical student who has opted for biology in class 12 needs to become a pro at it, and it can only happen when they seek guidance from the ncert book for class 12 biology. There is a variety of class 12th biology chapter that is included in the curriculum, and all of them have a significant role to play in your learning, you can expect to learn about various environmental issues in society, what is biotechnology, and how it is being used, types of reproduction in humans and flowers, how evolution has taken place, diseases which affect human health, inheritance due to molecular basis, etc. Seeking help from ncert books can turn out to be very beneficial for you, because not only do they provide you with the best content, but also the important questions that often come in your board exams. Following is a list of the chapters that you will study in ncert biology class 12:

  • The ultimate focus of chapter 1 is on the various modes and processes involved in the reproduction of organisms, which can most probably include sexual and asexual reproduction and various concepts related to fertilization, which includes the pre and post-events involved in fertilization.
  • Chapter 2 is based on the sexual reproduction of flowering plants, which includes the structure, morphology, and procedure involved in the sexual reproduction of these plants. This chapter is said to have a high weightage in the board exams because it is an amalgamation of four different chapters.
  • Everything regarding the human reproduction system is included in chapter 3 since you get to study the male and female reproductive systems and how reproduction takes place. With the help of various diagrams and flow charts, it becomes easy to grasp the concept well.
  • Chapter 4 discusses the various ways to take care of reproductive health and why it is so significant, especially during the pregnancy phase of the woman, which includes the pre and post-phases as well. Students can easily score well in this chapter.
  • Chapter 5 is all about inheritance and how genetics and evolution play a major role in our lives. It focuses on how parents and offspring are different and what kind of similar traits they do have. The chapter includes Mendel’s Law of inheritance, how one and two genes are inherited, how is sex determined, what are the possible genetic diseases.
  • The main purpose of chapter 6 is to make you aware of the structures of DNA, RNA, and forms of gene replication.
  • The evolution of organisms is covered in chapter 7, and it explains how did life originate on the planet, the evolution of all forms of life and how biodiversity came into existence.
  • Chapter 8 revolves around the various diseases that are related to human health and how they can be prevented by taking precautions. You can get to study AIDS and adolescent issues.
  • Chapter 9 talks about the new techniques that help in enhancing the food reproduction process in animal husbandry. These techniques can include embryo transfer technology and tissue culture techniques.
  • You will study all forms of microorganisms in chapter 10 and how significant they are for human welfare solutions.
  • Chapter 11 is all about biotechnology and what are the various important techniques or processes involved in it.
  • Chapter 12 is just an extension of chapter 11, as it focuses on making the students aware of the various ways in which biotechnology is being currently used in the area of food production and healthcare.
  • Chapter 13 highlights everything that you need to know about organisms and population, in which we get to study factors affecting organisms and their environment as a whole.
  • If you want to learn about ecosystems in more depth, then chapter 14 is the right chapter for you, because you will get to study in more detail.
  • Chapter 15 focuses on biodiversity and how it can be conserved in various ways through afforestation and other methods, and what role does biodiversity plays in our environment.
  • The end chapter discusses all the environmental issues that are prevailing in society, and what measures are being taken to preserve the environment at a large, especially the problem of global warming.
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