The look and feel of a fresh home are hard to beat. I would wager that a clean interior and exterior can do wonders to any home. If you’re hot on DIY, your garden hose and a spray-on cleaner can get the job done. But if you prefer involving people who have the knack for cleaning, expect to pay between $300 and $900 to soft wash your house’s exterior. The costs could be higher due to a wide range of factors.

Generally, a soft wash requires low-pressure water. Some service providers incorporate a cleaning solution and a bristle brush into the mix. One of the most effective ways to determine your project’s cost is to get estimates from house washing experts.

If your house needs a commercial cleaners in the foreseeable future, consider bookmarking this post for reference. Let’s lift the veil on the subject to help you better understand some of the issues that factor into the aggregate cost of a soft wash. Here we go. Please stick with me.

The Cleaning Company’s Experience

Sure enough, a fly-by-night cleaner can provide reliable soft wash cleaning services. But what would happen if they happened to damage a part of your home in the process? Considering that they may not have liability insurance, what would be your fallback plan?

Such a cleaner could be here today and gone tomorrow. How would you track down a cleaning contractor who skips town upon learning about your grievance?

With these questions in mind, it is apparent that an experienced and licensed firm provides the most reliable cleaning option. Hiring a professional cleaner means delegating the responsibility to someone who fully grasps the nitty-gritty of the task at hand.

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Plus, an experienced contractor will take the necessary precautions to prevent property damage. Such precautions could include using eco-friendly or biodegradable cleaning solutions that don’t damage your yard or building materials or covering areas that don’t require sprucing up.

Experience also implies paying attention to minor details to ensure a proper cleaning job. You might have to pay more to hire an experienced company in that regard.

Still, companies operate differently, and their pricing is likely to differ. A large company may have more operating costs and pass down such expenses to you.

Size Matters

How big is your home? Generally, the size of the home is measured in square feet. On average, a soft wash for a 2000 square-foot home would cost $400, give or take.

Cleaning a larger house is likely to cost more as it would take longer (meaning more labor hours) and may necessitate using more cleaning materials. If you purchase the house from the previous owner then sometimes you need to soft wash the house. For shifting household stuff to the new location always hire professional Local Movers.

If you plan to hire a cleaning company for a soft wash, the estimate you get will most likely take into account the size of your home and other factors such as ease of access to the areas in need of a deep clean. For instance, accessing the roof of a multi-storied house might require specialized equipment. Such considerations could raise your overall bill.

Opt for a firm that offers an all-inclusive estimate. In short, labor cost, materials, and equipment should be factored into the quote. Hence, you won’t be taken aback by an unexpected bill once the job is done.

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Condition of Your House

The general condition of your house determines how much effort goes into a soft wash. A cleaning professional is more likely to spend more time tidying up exterior surfaces that haven’t been cleaned for a while, explaining the rationale for higher charges.

Besides, the more dirt, grime, or debris a cleaner has to scrub off or tackle, the more cleaning solution and other materials would be required. All these aspects can hike the price at the end of the day.

Type of Siding 

Your house’s siding can take a beating from the weather. Dealing with mold and mildew, stains, chalk accumulation, bird droppings, and other issues requires a thorough cleaning of exterior surfaces. Other than that, restoring various sidings to their original state requires different approaches.

A professional cleaner is best poised to clean different sidings without damaging them. Also, such a task requires knowledge of the ideal cleaning solutions. Thus, the use of special solvents and the time it takes to liven up your siding also factor into the overall cost.

On balance, wide-ranging aspects can raise the average cost of a soft wash. Cleaning costs aren’t cast in stone, as we’ve noted. Consider regular cleanups as part of your home’s maintenance regimen. By involving house washing experts, you can keep your den looking neat and well looked after.

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