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Safety is of the highest importance in any new building or remodeling project. Stair treads are one safety feature that is often overlooked. With hundreds, if not thousands, of customers passing through your establishment, your staircases are prone to significant wear and strain. This deterioration may result in possible safety hazards such as slips, trips, and falls.

Install non-slip stair nosing as a preventative and protective precaution.

What are the benefits of anti-slip stair nosing?

Anti-slip stair nosing improves the safety of your building in two ways. To begin with, they increase step edge visibility. The color of the anti-slip grip contrasts with the substrate of the stair tread, defining the step edge clearly. Many anti-slip stair nosings have a photoluminescent strip, which improves step-edge visibility, particularly in low-light settings.

Stair nosing protects stairs from wear and strain, extending the life of the stair tread. The robust substance of stair nosings distributes the impact force throughout the whole stair tread, reducing future maintenance and replacement expenses.

Installing anti-slip stair nosings on various surfaces

Because every project is unique, it is critical to choose the anti-slip stair nosing that will work best for you. There are several alternatives available, whether you are retrofitting anti-slip nosings or incorporating them into new construction.

Aluminum stair nosings may be put on concrete, wood, and metal steps using a quality polyurethane adhesive. Make sure the aluminum stair nosing is rigid enough for your application before installing it. Carpeted and tiled staircases may need a different installation process.

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Consider placing cast in aluminum stair nosing on new concrete steps. This style of installation offers a long-lasting, very durable installation.

Non-slip luminescent stair nosing

Step edge visibility is critical in any facility’s egress route. Many institutions have added Photoluminescent anti-slip stair nosings to provide safety in all lighting situations. When the power goes out, these glow-in-the-dark stair nosings sparkle to illuminate the building’s luminous escape roadway.

Installing anti-slip stair nosing in your facility may help safeguard the structure from wear and tear while also preventing guests from slips and falls. Photoluminescent anti-slip nosings give visual contrast and glow-in-the-dark qualities to boost step-edge visibility when the power goes out.

Olejar safety manufacturer of stair nosing will give long-lasting and exceptionally robust non-slip protection to your facility, decreasing the danger of slips and falls for years to come. These anti-slip nosing strips, made from our amazing polymer, can endure years of UV weathering and are strong enough for both indoor and outdoor long-term installations. We have made certain that the hard-wearing surface of our non-slip stair nosing is abrasion resistant, protecting your Olejar safety step-edge nosing from scratches and other damage caused by high foot traffic. There’s no need to be concerned about Olejar safety, as thousands of customers have walked on our non-slip stair nosing with no evidence of wear and tear.

The most significant feature of our anti-slip nosings is that they give obvious step-edge color contrasting, boosting your facility’s step-edge visibility and safety for the benefit of your guests. Olejar safety and non-slip stair nosing, when combined with our exceptionally durable non-slip protection strips, deliver an increased degree of safety and code compliance in an aesthetically beautiful package that won’t detract from the architecture of your building. In comparison to our rivals, the distinctive ridges incorporated into the non-slip stair nosing give improved all-weather slide resistance. As a result, installing Olejar safety non-slip stair nosing in new or existing structures would considerably increase patron safety and bring the facilities up to code compliance.

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By Siddhi