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A house is most likely to sell during the spring or summer. Homes are being listed and buyers are ready to buy. What about the others? They are maligned.

Here are some reasons why listing in the fall or winter may be a good idea for you. Then we’ll debunk some common misconceptions about selling in the fall and why now might be the best time to sell.

Myth #1: Sell In The Spring

First, let’s clear this up. Spring is often thought of as the best season to sell a house. Why not list in the spring and get top dollar, sell fast, and have a smooth transaction? It’s a mistake to think that just because you list in the spring means your home will sell easily. A good realtor should be able to help you sell your home at any time of year.

Actually, there is no best season to sell your home. A mix of factors determines it. Take into account the following factors before putting your house on the market:

  • You’re ready. Get ready to sell if you’ve prepared your home and family. Preparation should include a clean home and emotional readiness. Remember that selling your family home can be difficult.
  • Sellers’ market. Demand outstrips supply in a seller’s market the demand for housing exceeds the supply. And don’t worry, it’s not just in the spring and summer. It a buyer’s market as spring supply increases dramatically. Selling faster and getting multiple full-price offers are signs of a seller’s market (or even higher). 
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Myth #2: Fall Is A Slow Season For Buyers

It is a common misconception among sellers that buyers stop looking for homes after the summer. Some buyers may wait until the end of the school year, but they are a minority. It’s not too late to sell your house now that the summer season is over.

Myth #3: You’ll Get Less For Your House

Afraid of getting less money for their home in the fall, sellers often delay listing until spring. There are fewer buyers looking for homes, a myth we debunked earlier. But astute sellers know how to exploit this information.

Myth #4: Homes Take Longer To Sell.

Unwanted days on market in the fall can scare away potential buyers, so sellers wait until spring to list their homes. Homes do not sell in the fall or winter for seasonal reasons.

Pricing, presentation, and inflexibility are the most common reasons homes sit on the market (no matter the season). For the following reasons, you may see a home on the market for a long time.

  • The home is overpriced all homes have price limits, even in a seller’s market. This is a common mistake made by sellers who overprice their homes in a low supply market.
  • Bad Listing Photos Professional photos are essential in today’s digital world. Buyers will immediately dismiss your home if the photos are inadequate. Investing in professional photography is one way to make them want to see more.
  • The Seller Is Inflexible Selling a home while living in it is difficult and stressful, but limiting showing hours isn’t the solution. To get their homes in front of the right buyers, sellers must be extremely flexible. 
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It’s there! The best time to move your home was not the one you had hoped. There is no simple answer. Stay in touch with your local market and find a knowledgeable realtor for Houses for sale in Lakeland FL.

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