SaaS Marketing

A cloud-based subscription service that makes software easily accessible over the internet is known as SaaS. Over the last ten years, the SaaS sector has been continuously expanding. The numbers speak for themselves, with the market more than doubling in size from $63.19B in 2014 to an estimated value of $157B as of the year 2020. The market’s expansion can be ascribed to technological advancements, customer response, and need.

In response to recent upheavals in the working landscape owing to the pandemic and the necessity for remote work, industry leaders have altered their business strategies to leverage SaaS. As a result, targeting the proper audience and delivering the right content that resonates with them has become critical.

Although a SaaS marketing agency can assist your company in generating comprehensively qualified leads and accelerating growth, here are 10 SaaS marketing strategies that you can implement to accelerate the revenue of your business.

1. Invest in content marketing

It is fundamental for any Digital marketing agency to establish an online presence, and to do so, it must post content frequently. It is not enough to merely post content; it is also necessary to provide relevant resources to your target customers to convert them into potential buyers.

As part of your marketing strategy, you may invest in content marketing, such as starting a blog, publishing e-books, sending a newsletter, focusing on social media, providing customers product updates, and free trial onboarding campaigns. Furthermore, if your company is a start-up, testimonials and reviews are also a great form of content marketing that will provide validation to customers regarding your software.

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2. Focus on SEO

Similar to how your SaaS digital marketing strategies need to be constantly updated, to keep up with the ever-changing search engine ranking scenario, your SaaS SEO strategy needs to be thoroughly planned too. An effective and varied approach will help you cover every aspect of your site’s infrastructure.

A well-thought SEO plan outlines your objectives and a basic marketing strategy. It is crucial to profile your target audience extensively to get an advantage over your competition. You can employ appropriate keywords to boost your ranking by understanding the target audience’s interests and pain points based on all of your information and meta-data. Additionally, you must focus on the significance of backlinks in terms of search engine rankings.

3. Track your metrics

Analyzing metrics is critical in every step of your process since you won’t know if you’re getting closer or further away from your objective. Few of the metrics that SaaS businesses can monitor involve churn rate, Customer Lifetime Value, and Net MRR Growth.

This can be done with the assistance of various technologies available for businesses. Google Analytics is one example that allows companies to interact more directly with their data and make educated decisions. Tracking and evaluating metrics can help a company’s long-term success by adjusting to changing market conditions and giving it a competitive advantage.

4. Offer free trials

Free trials enable users to explore features and assess the value of your product. You can also start with onboarding and support to make the user’s trial period more painless and straightforward, improving the chances of conversion. This gives the consumer a psychological sense of ownership and alleviates the anxiety of commitment by allowing them to understand what they are missing out on. This will also assist you in receiving appropriate comments on your product, which you can utilize to improve it. The fundamental benefit of a free trial is the gathering of client information that will ultimately assist you in anticipating future conversions.

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5. Leverage email marketing

As marketers have few ways to interact one-on-one with potential customers, email marketing is a great way to communicate. Thousands of customers can be reached in a matter of minutes with email campaigns.

Email marketing may be used to educate your audience, convert them to paying customers, and perhaps even help new clients understand the true value of your product. You can also use the channel to improve your customer relationships, assure their success with your product, and upsell them to a higher price plan.

6. Educate your customers

SaaS products are always evolving. As a result, customers must know about changes and upgrades. They can be informed about these changes by speaking with them regularly. Product updates about new features or iterative changes, for example, can be given in a variety of media – email, website, or app – and are frequently used as a starting point for improving customer education over time.

7. Organize virtual events

Virtual events are cost-effective to host, and with the right technology, all stakeholders may have an immersive and unique experience. Regardless of their style or purpose, virtual events are a great way to promote your company. You can host virtual networking events for discussing business ideas, virtual SaaS conferences for building relationships, virtual workshops for providing training, and webinars to engage a larger audience.

8. Refine the call to action

This is another method of persuading potential customers to purchase the product. Considering that site visitors may not be aware of what services they require, a compelling CTA is used to guide them through the purchasing process. A call to action (CTA) should be specific and informative while being brief. When writing a CTA, make the intentions clear so that readers understand what the CTA-based action will result in.

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9. Use social media

One of the best ways to reach your consumers is to promote your SaaS business through social media. This can be done through a variety of sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

There are numerous ways to convert social media followers into buyers, ranging from providing product information to putting product stickers. You might also have live Q&A sessions, provide them with explanation films, or host giveaways. These will help boost awareness of your brand and product features.

10. Take advantage of paid ads

Paid advertising on Google, LinkedIn, and other sites that your potential clientele use on a regular basis may organically pump out information and are an excellent way of reaching out to them. It ensures that your company targets the intended audience and that your content is used to boost your brand and generate more qualified leads.

To get the most value for money, make sure your ads are SEO optimized for the top keywords in your category and keep an eye on metrics like your Google Ad quality score.


Implementing these methods will assist you in raising brand awareness and expanding your consumer base. Additionally, they will help businesses adapt to market conditions that are evolving. Saas organizations can increase their potential earnings by collaborating with these marketing strategies. You can avail the services of various B2B digital marketing agencies in India that offer end-to-end industry solutions.


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