Before hiring commercial office cleaning services from a cleaning company, you must have a checklist of cleaning activities done by the company. Starting work by knowing what is expected of your cleaners before they start work will help you avoid any form of confusion down the line.

So what are the common activities included in office cleaning?


Whether at home or at work, mopping is an essential part of the cleaning routine. It is advisable to use an i-mop or a high-quality microfibre cover. Additionally, industrial cleaners utilise high-quality cleaning products to ensure that the floor is thoroughly cleansed.

When it comes to office mopping, the majority of cleaners begin with the reception area, as this is the first area consumers come into contact with upon entering the office. They next clean the remaining offices in order of significance and spray the workplace with a decent air freshener to give it a pleasant aroma.

Cleaning Office Desks

Another important cleaning routine that industrial cleaners are expected to carry out is office desk cleaning. Good cleaners use GECA-approved and chemical-free solutions for this.

Office desks are part of the most important equipment in any organization. It is where the bulk of the office work is carried out. As such, it must be kept clean and organized at all times.

Emptying bins

Bins around the office are commonly used to dispose of files and documents no longer needed. They are also used to dispose of other things, like items used to wrap foods and drinks.

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Unlike household bins used to collect things that could decay and start to rot, office bins generally don’t smell. However, the sight of a full waste bin can be disgusting to many people. This is why bins must be emptied on time.

Thankfully, one of the key things commercial cleaners do is empty all the bins or trash cans in the office.

Industrial cleaners also pick up any form of waste on the office floor. Some industrial cleaners start their routine by emptying bins, while others wait until they’re done cleaning.


Vacuuming is also one of the most important cleaning routines necessary for cleaning an office. Before you hire any industrial cleaner, you should know if they have adequate knowledge of how vacuuming works. This cleaning technique is essential for visibly dirty places in an office.

Most industrial cleaners vacuum clean places that gather a high amount of dirt regularly, while they schedule cleaning for places that don’t gather dirt as much. While vacuuming, good industrial cleaners usually have a moistened cloth in their hands to clean any other smudges or marks they come across on surfaces.

Thorough Check

No industrial cleaner leaves an office building without a final check to ensure they’ve done all the necessary things. Industrial cleaners care about their reputation, so they would conduct a final check to ensure they covered every aspect before leaving your office. They hold a moistened cloth to clean up any dirt they encounter during the process.

Some industrial cleaners who focus on office cleaning are also trained to dress some parts of the office after being cleaned. These parts include the board rooms and meeting rooms. They also ensure the office is properly locked if they’re the last to leave.

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What Areas Are Cleaned In An Office?

When it comes to office cleaning, people also ask what areas industrial cleaning will cover. The areas that would be cleaned in your office depend on your agreement with your industrial cleaner. So, before you hire an industrial cleaner, you should discuss this with them. Preferably, ensure you choose a cleaning plan that would cover all parts of your office because they all have their functions. An ideal commercial cleaning service provides extraordinary service levels appropriate for every type of office environment.

How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost?

We have different organizations that offer office cleaning services, and they have different methods of charging clients. However, one of the major factors industrial cleaners consider when charging clients is size. If your office is very big, your cleaning service would cost more than someone with a single office. Some industrial cleaners also charge clients based on schedules, like weekly or monthly cleaning schedules. For this reason, it’s essential to talk about charges with an industrial cleaner before they start rendering their services. Some industrial cleaners also accept negotiations to make payment easy for their clients.

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