Yes, we all eat fish and believe it or not, having different fish dishes is love to a real foodie. But, have you ever wondered if eating fish is just for satisfying the taste buds or are there any special benefits? Our body needs immunity and that can be acquired thoroughly by having proteins and vitamins. The evident-based source of omega-3 and fatty acids is fish; an incredibly important nutrient for the brain. However, fish not only supplies the above-said nutrients but also provides you with iodine and minerals.

1.  Lowering heart attacks

There are numerous researches that have proven that eating fish every day can be beneficial in lowering heart attacks, cerebral attacks and strokes. The fatty acid present in fishes are helpful to reduce any kind of stress and as a result, decreases the chances of heart issues. Similarly, omega-3 fatty acid contains docosahexaenoic acid or DHA that enhances the functionality of the brain, with an evidential result of decreased cerebral attacks.

2.  Helps to increase memory

Memory is something very exclusive to human beings. With age, people tend to have STML (short term memory loss) and they forget every small thing they are told to. Similarly, as brain function declines with age, the brain needs to develop simultaneously also. A child needs to develop its own brain for which proper nutritional value is needed.

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What else, if not a fish? Feed your child with different fishes that might include tuna, salmon, cod and sardines. These fishes are rich in protein and vitamins and even sardines contain sodium. This is evident from observational studies that people who eat fish are able to reduce mental decline.

\Give your old parents proper fishes in diet and watch out. Yes, they will surely start remembering minute events. Don’t miss out your child either. They need all these for further brain development in the formative stages of growth. With good quality fish in the diet, gray matter in the brain increases; a most pivotal tissue to regulate memory.

3.  Treating depression

When relating to mental health and stability, eating fish comes to respite. Mood swings, depression and loss of energy come from ill-health. When medication becomes irritating and you really want to have food as a stress buster, go for fish. As researched by a few notable researchers, it has been undeniably agreed that omega-3 reduces all your stress and provides you with ample energy. You will find it easy to have medications as antidepressants will start working smoothly on you.

Sometimes, your body gradually succumbs to panic and anxiety, and you don’t eat fish. What to worry about? Keep an aquarium with beautiful Clownfish (our all-time favourite Nemo) and some Fancy Goldfishes. If you are a complete newbie, then also it is not a tough job to take care of them. You can get a bunch of care guides with just a click of

4.  Protection of eyesight

Protecting our eyes does not include any age restriction. It must get started when one is in the growth stage. Little children develop eyesight issues, for which they are to be provided with spectacles at a very young age. Once you feed them with fresh tuna, anchovies and trout your child will less likely develop Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). If properly surveyed, we can see that almost 42% of women don’t develop this disease if they regularly have fish as food.

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For old people also, vision impairment is a challenge. With a good diet and proper intake of fatty fish, there is a 53% reduced risk of neovascular AMD.

5.  Improvement in sleep

With worldwide pressure on studies and competition in the work field, sleep is something which is incredibly facing disorder. With continuous exposure to blue rays through gadgets and screens, people are unable to get proper sleep. Even if they do, they are suffering from headaches. Children are not out of this aspect as they also suffer a lot. Owing to the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, the whole study system is completely online. Continuous staring at laptops has a reverse impact on sleep.

How to combat? Intake enough fish. This has been speculated that lack of vitamin D causes sleeplessness. Enjoy a salmon dish and get back your sleep.

A little note

A Fish a day will keep your doctor away. Nothing less but many things more, as eating a fish needs just a little baking. With proper consumption of fish, your cognitive reduction will gradually decline. Okay okay, fish is very low fat. So enjoy your health consciousness with a little lookout for proper nutrients.

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