Klinefelter’s Syndrome is a typical hereditary condition that outcomes when a kid is brought into the world with an additional duplicate of the X chromosome in their body. The condition is regularly analyzed until adulthood and may unfavorably influence testicular development. The effects of Klinfeter Syndrome are not the same for everyone as it usually differs from person to person. In such cases, men produce little or no sperm. KS happens when a male child is born with something like an additional X chromosome. This imbalance occurs because of a mistake during egg or sperm advancement and results in a male having an additional X chromosome in his body’s cells. KS is additionally called XXY disorder. Let us discuss in brief Klinefelter’s Syndrome treatment in India 

Symptoms of Klinfeter Syndrome 

Klinfeter Syndrome is the most common cause of a condition that stops a male’s body from producing sperms. Males with this syndrome are likely to be infertile. So the symptoms of Klinefelter’s Syndrome are as below:

– Reduced Facial Hair

– Reduced Body Hair

–  Reduced Muscle Strength

–  Feminine fat distribution

–  Less Energetic

–  Varicose veins

–  Tall structure than normal ones

–  Anxiety and Depression

All the above symptoms always and are likely to differ from person to person, but the question arises how do doctors diagnose Klinfeter Syndrome? So, like in many cases, doctors diagnose KS during and even after puberty and they perform some tests like:

– A Physical Examination

– Genetic testing

– Hormone testing (which is done through a blood sample)

– Cell-free DNA testing and more

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So, with the help of all these various tests, doctors will look at the chromosomes to check for an extra X chromosome.

What are the Treatments for Klinfeter Syndrome?

According to experts and well-trained doctors mild symptoms don’t need to be treated. Males with more obvious symptoms should start treatment as soon as possible and if possible during puberty. Starting treatment early can help prevent some major symptoms as treatment will lead to benefits.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is situated as an infusion, pills, gel, and so forth. With the help of therapy it improves strength; increases body hair growth, energy, and concentration. Be that as it may, this treatment won’t further improve testicle size and fertility.

Fertility Treatment 

Medical Tourism in India is gained a lot of importance as it is growing rapidly in today’s era especially post Covid. According to highly qualified doctors between 95 to 99 percent of males are unable to produce enough sperms whereas 50 percent of males can produce enough sperms. This treatment focuses on improving fertility with the men having KS.

Breast Reduction surgeries 

There is no approved drug treatment for overdeveloped breast tissue in males but the removal of the same is possible with the help of plastic surgeries but it also comes up with the risk associated with the surgery. After the surgery, one might notice the chest to look more masculine and it surely reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Psychological counseling 

It is quite obvious that dealing with KS can be embarrassing and challenging at the same time. But with the help of a counselor, psychologist, advisor, and even a therapist you can reduce emotional stress related to KS.

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Therapeutic Support 

It is always said that the right help from the right person can assist in dealing with troubles and difficulties. So apart from counseling additional support may include the following:

– Speech and physical Therapy

– Occupational Therapy

– Behavioral Therapy

– Evaluation and mental support

So, all these treatments of KS will benefit you in some or the other way. You can choose the ideal treatment according to the symptoms and as suggested by your doctors.

Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding KS 

In Klinefelter’s Syndrome can you father a child? 

This is the most commonly asked question and it is seen that most men with this condition are infertile and can’t father a child in a usual way because their testicles prevent them from producing enough sperm to father a child.

Who is affected by Klinefelter’s Syndrome? 

Klinefelter’s Syndrome occurs in about 1 out of 500 boys. Furthermore, ladies who get pregnant following 35 years old are bound to have a baby boy with this Syndrome than more youthful ladies.

Can a female have Klinefelter’s Syndrome? 

No, females cannot get affected by KS as they do not have a Y chromosome, it affects only males.

Which doctor should I consult if I get the symptoms for KS? 

You can consult an andrologist or urologist for the same. Assuming you are a young adult you want to counsel the Pediatrician.

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I trust with the assistance of this article and FAQ’s you had the option to thoroughly understand Klinefelter’s Syndrome. This is a hereditary condition and no parent should be held responsible for the same

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