Technology is a part of the world that is constantly evolving. In such a way, technology is booming in the IT sector. 

As an IT support firm, many are used to dealing with IT issues daily. There are some difficulties in any career. However, the problem with most IT help desks is that they allow a lot of typical issues to build up to the point that it is challenging to resolve them. 

You can be ready to implement strategies that will help the helpdesk run more efficiently if you are aware of the most frequent problems your users encounter. You will be able to increase customer happiness while also increasing the helpdesk’s effectiveness. Here will see more about typical IT help desk issues and their fixes:

Forgot the password

You remember your system password till you get home from vacation. You regret not leaving a post-it note with your password on it under your desk to remember the password.

Nothing is more unpleasant than being unable to access all of your files due to password loss, and the fix is usually as simple as sending a quick email to the help desk from your registered email. 

The help desk can provide the employee a link to reset their password if they cannot remember it and require a new one. With the help of IT support ticketing software, help desk can offer more support if there are any other issues.

Computers are running too slowly

Do you find that your computer needs to be shorter to execute commands? If so, the answer is relatively simple. You can check to see if you run numerous apps simultaneously in your background and shut down some of them if you are.

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Your computer may automatically perform upgrades and checks in the background. Your computer becomes slower as a result. Your IT support personnel should perform the scans and upgrades for you after business hours if they are best. Global Top Trend

Your PC’s slowness could be caused by malware and viruses in certain stages. As a result, you need to take care to disconnect your PC from the network and give the IT help desk a call.

Internet outages

When using a wireless internet connection, you must choose the best signal reception area. A building’s signal may not always be reliable in all locations to get the best internet. To get an excellent internet connection, you need to make sure you are close enough to the router in your area.

Many people do not realize that using many windows when browsing the internet slows down everything in the system. Additionally, malware may have been downloaded by users while they were browsing.

As the IT help desk, it is their responsibility to advise users on which websites to avoid and how to keep their browsers clean in order to maintain internet speed.

Time spent on repetitive issues

The help desk team may suffer from persistent challenges. These problems can take a lot of time and take resources away from essential business deliverables.

IT problems that consumers usually experience include password problems, computer speed issues, printing problems, and internet outages. It is possible that working on the same project repeatedly could make your employees bored.

When time is spent on repetitive problems, your team’s productivity suffers. Repetitive tasks can be handled by automation, chatbots, and self-service portals, among other alternatives. 

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The internal IT team might instead concentrate on essential issues like security by using outsourced help desk services. It is best to hand over the task to the IT ticketing system, which will solve the problem in a best way. 

Blue screen of death

A Windows user’s main fear is to experience the blue screen of death. Productivity suffers as a result, and new technology may be required.

When you see the blue screen on your system, which signals that the system has crashed, you may typically think that the machine is permanently destroyed. Then it is essential you must call the help desk right away to make a help request. Trending Update News

It is typically not as bad as you might expect. A computer can still be saved even after it encounters the blue screen of death. Restarting the system frequently solves problems brought on by either hardware or software.

You can typically tell if a restart will work or whether you need help from a professional to save your computer when you can recognize the text displayed on the screen.

Can’t connect a USB device

Frequently, a computer that won’t identify a USB drive is the source of a help desk call. The user might be having trouble trying to import a vital file that they have on their smartphone into their PC. A USB port issue is just one of many potential causes why the computer won’t recognize the device.

If the device is not recognized by one port, ask the user to try another. If the USB drive functions on a different computer, you can request that they check it to see if there is a problem. If that may be the case, the problem is probably with the computer rather than the USB. 

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The best it ticketing system can help by looking into potential causes and come up with viable solutions if the issue is with the device itself.

Bottom Line

Every team’s productivity is maintained in large part by the help desk. If you find any problem, you can solve it by troubleshooting. If not, you can look for the help desk. The above listed are the common IT help desk problems and their solutions to consider. 


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